here’s what to avoid – Libero Quotidiano

here’s what to avoid – Libero Quotidiano
here’s what to avoid – Libero Quotidiano

The mad cow alarm is back. Of course, not at the gates of Italy, but the case is immediately scary. In Brazil – the largest exporter of beef in the world – were in fact sales to China suspended, the country’s main customer. The stop, as he explains, is due to two confirmed cases of “atypical” mad cow. The stop, for Brazilian farmers, is a severe blow: China and Hong Kong, in fact, buy more than half of their beef exports from Brazil.

To be precise, the cases of atypical mad cow have been identified in factories located in the states of Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais, as explained by the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, who remarked that this is respectively the fourth and fifth episode related to the disease in the last 23 years.

According to what is relaunched by the news agency Reuters, the same minister stressed as “the atypical mad cow disease it develops spontaneously and is not related to the consumption of contaminated foods. Brazil has never had a classic case of mad cow disease. “

Always second Reuters, the two incidents were confirmed after inviting the samples for analysis in the World Organization for Animal Health (Ore) laboratory in Alberta, Canada. The government of Brazil then made it clear that there is no risk to men’s health and animals: the hope is that the stop, for the reasons explained above, will be lifted as soon as possible.

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