Paris, the mayor Anne Hidalgo announces her candidacy for the Elysée

12 September 2021 12:22

In what appeared to be a clear attack on the incumbent president Emmanuel Macron, he said: “I want to start by putting an end to contempt.”

His program is based on “a Decentralized Republic, closer to the citizens, with the citizens “. Among the other cornerstones of his ideal of France, a country” a low carbon emissions“, more” fair “, with higher wages” especially for teachers and health personnel“.

Hidalgo spoke of a choice made “in humility and with awareness of the gravity of the moment“.” It will be the appointment of the first woman President of the Republic with French women “, he concluded.

Announcement also by the leader of the National Rassemblement, Marine Le Pen, which officially entered the election campaign for the presidential elections in April. “Logic requires me today to get out of partisan logic, I made the decision to leave the presidency of our movement – he declared at a rally in Fréjus, in the south of France -. We have become a governing party in these 10 years, in at this moment the country is at a crossroads between the abyss and the summit. According to the will of the adherents to the vice president Jordan Bardella it is now up to take over the direction of the Rassemblement National “.


Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo announces candidacy Elysée

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