Back to school and Covid, here are all the indications of the Region: the salivary test arrives

Back to school and Covid, here are all the indications of the Region: the salivary test arrives
Back to school and Covid, here are all the indications of the Region: the salivary test arrives

The return to school is now around the corner and the regional government is launching the measures that must be followed to try to reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19. Among these, the sample administration of salivary tests to elementary and middle school pupils, for the monitoring of epidemiological contagion, which is added to the national provisions that provide for the use of masks, distancing and the obligation to exhibit the Covid-19 vaccine certification. for school staff.

For students, however, there is no vaccination obligation or the green pass, but anyone will be required to stay at home if they have at least 37.5 body temperature. Children up to the age of six and people with disabilities are excluded from the use of masks. In any case, it will be an exception to the use of individual safety devices for classes made up of students who have completed the vaccination cycle, without prejudice to the interpersonal distance of one meter.

In the event of particular epidemiological criticalities or outbreaks at a territorial level, the total or partial suspension of educational activities can be ordered, with a provision of the President of the Region, in the presence of a classification of the risk in “orange zone” or “red zone”. In case of specific local emergencies, the suspension can be decided directly by the mayor, always in the presence of classification in “red or orange zone”, subject to the mandatory positive opinion of the ASP of territorial jurisdiction.

The use of Dad (distance learning) is not envisaged, except on the recommendation of the school manager in the face of particularly critical situations. Therefore, the school year for institutions of all types and levels can begin regularly in presence.

For the training courses, the same indications provided for the education system will apply, but the students of ITS and adults attending training courses will be shown a valid green pass or negative buffer.

Health monitoring

From the second half of September, the access of the school Usca will be allowed in the institutions that request it, to promote vaccinations both among students in the 12-19 year-old group, and among school operators not yet immunized. School administrators will be able to request the ASP both for the administration of vaccines at school and for health monitoring using swabs.

In particular, in primary and lower secondary schools, regular monitoring will be carried out with the use of a salivary swab, according to the procedures dictated by the Higher Institute of Health, in agreement with the national commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency. “Sentinel schools” will be identified where salivary swabs will be performed every two weeks.

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