impending catastrophe in North Korea – Libero Quotidiano

impending catastrophe in North Korea – Libero Quotidiano
impending catastrophe in North Korea – Libero Quotidiano

More and more powerful ballistic missiles are usually shown on the occasion of the parade to celebrate the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. For the 73 year olds, however, Kim Jong-un opted for a more “sober” choice: instead of rockets and soldiers in combat uniforms, there was the Guarda Rossa worker and peasant who works in the fields and in factories and in his spare time engages in civil protection.

That organization has about 5.7 million reservists, according to the regime’s news agency. The parade lasted only an hour, an unusual fact compared to the very long celebrations of the past, and saw formations in red protective suits and gas masks parade. The units set up for the Covid prevention and containment campaign. This time, therefore, the rocket launchers were pulled by the agricultural tractors of the paramilitary organization: it would be a way to strengthen the popular momentum behind the regime.

Kim attended the parade from Kim Il Sung Square and did not even give the usual speech. The dictator would therefore have limited himself to sending the anti-Covid Red Guard to the streets instead of missiles and tanks to send a signal to the North Korean population: perhaps it is appropriate to focus more on the fight againstepidemic and at natural disasters than in the global challenge with new missiles.

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impending catastrophe North Korea Libero Quotidiano

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