Attack in Florida, former marines kills four people in Lakeland-

Attack in Florida, former marines kills four people in Lakeland-
Attack in Florida, former marines kills four people in Lakeland-

The bomber, Bryan Riley, broke into homes in uniform with a bulletproof vest

A former American marine, Bryan Riley, 33 anni, shot eucciso four people in Lakeland, Florida, including a three-month-old baby in his mother’s lap. The Polk County Sheriff said at a press conference Grady Judd, explaining that an 11-year-old girl was also injured in the shooting and then underwent surgery. Veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Riley worked as a security guard and had no connection with the victims: he suddenly walked into their homes in military uniform and with bulletproof vest.

“It was an evil act on the part of a very well trained militaryThe sheriff said. Riley, after being arrested, introduced himself to the cops as un «survivalist», that is, it would belong to one of those movements which, influenced by apocalyptic books and films, are preparing for any type of emergency «from the end of the world».

Riley was captured following an exchange of gunshots with the police: after carrying out the massacre he had barricaded himself in the house. Taken to the hospital, the man also tried to steal the gun from an officer. “There was one scuffle in the emergency roomThe sheriff continued, adding that the man was then tied up and treated.
Bryan Riley told police he took methamphetamine.
Of course, he will be incarcerated as soon as his conditions permit.

Bloody Sunday also in Georgia: Seven people were injured by an attacker who opened fire in the university city of Athens. It happened yesterday morning in the city center. Lt. Shaun Barnett told the media that the shooter’s victims are not in danger of life. The police are on the trail of a 21-year-old young man who is suspected of the attack. A thousand dollars’ reward to those who provide directions for his capture.

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