Niger, we don’t get vaccinated against Covid here because we are distracted by more important things

Niger, we don’t get vaccinated against Covid here because we are distracted by more important things
Niger, we don’t get vaccinated against Covid here because we are distracted by more important things

Here we do not get vaccinated against Covid because we are distracted by more important things. Fortunately, lacking vaccines, we manage very well and in case we get sick, we would give priority to other diseases. That of fame, which is by far the most dangerous and follows closely behind malaria or malaria, then the meningitis (cyclical), the cholera, because of the water that reaches us in the house with the yellow bins, the epatiti and, of course, the insecurity due to attacks by Armed Terrorist Groups.

If, in the end, the disease so much touted by the West should arrive, we treat it with the existing medicines that work here by grace received and intelligent choice of the sick. With us, most of the births occur for a happy moment of distraction lived together and so too we die, without giving ourselves too much weight, for a final and fatal distraction. The sand itself, the true paradigm of environmental reality, sits casually on the streets, courtyards, job offers, the non-existent opposition and even on the prayers that struggle to rise, attached as they are to the sand which, in its own way, gives glory to its inventor.

A herd of oxen casually crosses the road and so do the donkeys who, with their carts full of garbage, play a leading ecological role in the city of Niamey. No less are the dromedaries that cross the roundabouts of the city with the same ease with which they would pass the dunes of the Sahara. Motorcyclists who, while driving, answer the phone call and forget their helmet, driving license and above all have not renewed their insurance are distracted. Therefore, they avoid areas where they know they will find firefighters thirsty for verbal or fictitious monetary arrangements, especially during the holidays. Occasionally trotting horses pass, some dogs standing not far from the skewer sellers and pretending to sleep between one customer and another and the military trucks going to the front. The ambulance can be heard from afar and no one moves by distraction until the sound of the siren becomes deafening and inevitable. Even the country’s democracy, bewildered by the elections and the useless presidential promises, has stepped aside and absentmindedly awaits better times that may come one day.

For distraction he migrates on wrong roads and takes unexpected paths which, after a long journey, lead to where he left off one day. He betrays himself for a slight distraction of a moment and apologizes before starting over. Recently, the Muslim religious leaders of the capital sadly affirmed that only twenty percent of weddings, celebrated with pomp in the city, last beyond three months. To whom to blame this marriage erosion except for moments of distraction that accompanied the before, during and after the wedding.

The results of the final exams of primary and secondary school of the country have been a failure never recorded before: to whom if not distraction to blame for the incredible defeat? At the state university, the academic years are endless and for the same reason, the distraction, the organic intellectuals have contented themselves with becoming Councilors of the Presidency of the Republic or in charge of Missions whose destination and objective no one knows. Just for distraction Humanitarian Agencies they have been operating on the ground for decades and making sure that the poor remain poor. Finally, it is thanks to distraction that the temptation to believe in is resisted the masters of the world and of history.

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