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the strange death of Gaia, 25 years old

the strange death of Gaia, 25 years old
the strange death of Gaia, 25 years old

He said he only had one «strong headache» and it’s dead suddenly: he was only 25 years old. Gaia Young, young sister of writer and commentator Toby Young and daughter of Lord Michael Young, had returned from a bike ride and told her loved ones that she was not feeling very well, but no one would have thought of such an epilogue.

His death was defined by the local authorities as unexplainable, also because a first autopsy examination on the body turned out to be «inconclusive». The girl had no previous pathologies, did not even have Covid, now we are trying to investigate the causes that may have triggered such a tragedy.

It all started during a dinner, when the 25-year-old got up from the table to rest on the sofa due to a severe headache and passed out. Her loved ones immediately called an ambulance and she was transferred to University College London Hospital, but there was nothing for her to do and a few hours later she was pronounced brain dead.

Her death shocked her family and friends, everyone remembered Gaia as a girl «sunny and full of life».

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His mother, Dorit Young, said: «Suddenly she got up from the table. We didn’t even notice at first. Then he phoned me to say ‘mom I have a bad headache, I’m in the room opposite to rest’. He thought he was just having heat stroke». But an hour later he was throwing up, then the ambulance arrived and the tragic ending.


strange death Gaia years

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