Compulsory vaccine in four countries in the world, none in Europe

04 September 2021 7:22 pm

Indonesia, Tajikistan, the Federated States of Micronesia and Turkmenistan are the countries that have imposed on their citizens the obligation to be vaccinated. In Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, it is limited for anyone who wants to return to work face-to-face

In Kazakhstan as early as June, at least 60% of employees were required to be required for the hospitality, education, health and entertainment sectors. Then, in July, the government decided to extend the duty also to the transport, retail and banking sectors.

As for Europe, no country has yet wanted to impose this obligation on its citizens. Before you can proceed, Italy must in any case wait for Ema and Aifa to declare the ordinary drug vaccine and no longer emergency. As happened in America, where the FDA definitively approved the Pfizer vaccine for those over 16, keeping it emergency instead for the 12-15 age group and for the immunosuppressed.

L’Italy was the first state in Europe to instead introduce the obligation for health professionals, then followed by France which opted for stricter restrictions with the introduction of the Green Pass. Meanwhile, Greece is also expecting the complete vaccination of all health personnel by the end of September, while in the United Kingdom the obligation for nursing home operators will be introduced from October. An imposition already valid in Australia, where the government has decided to force the Paralympic athletes competing in Tokyo to be vaccinated.

In the rest of the world, the vaccine is only mandatory for certain categories. In New York City, starting from October, the obligation for all health workers who work in contact with the public will be introduced, while Saudi Arabia forces all public and private sector workers who decide to work in presence to be vaccinated. While from 1 August it is also necessary to enter government buildings, schools and to take public transport.


Compulsory vaccine countries world Europe

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