Chaos on nuclear power, Cingolani rectification. Di Maio and Cei with straight legs

Chaos on nuclear power, Cingolani rectification. Di Maio and Cei with straight legs
Chaos on nuclear power, Cingolani rectification. Di Maio and Cei with straight legs

Roberto Cingolani was interviewed byHuffpost at the exit of the Ambrosetti forum in Cernobbio, where he participated in the international panel on the governance of the energy transition, in the days immediately following his words on nuclear. But Roberto Cingolani dampens the controversy: “I have not made any opening on nuclear power: what do I open that there is no technology? I understand that on some issues my always thinking far ahead can generate confusion. Someone said why I don’t think about making renewables, but it’s not that if I’m talking about the future I’m not thinking about the present“.

The minister, who did not seem bothered by the controversy, added: “I think everyone is free to say what they want. I was speaking to an assembly of three hundred students, all in their twenties, about the world energy scenario. […] There was talk of the future, of 2100 because those kids will be adults after 2050. If you don’t talk about the future with them, who do you have to talk to?“. Roberto Cingolani denies having legitimized fourth generation nuclear power but stresses that”the United States, France and other countries are experimenting with fourth generation nuclear power and want to find out if it is safe. I don’t understand where the opening is: what I open that isn’t there technology?“.

The Minister of Energy Transition marveled at the fact “what to say to young people studied and we will evaluate has generated disordered reactions“. Then he continued:”Someone said why I don’t think about doing the renewable, but perhaps he does not know that we are making the calls: it is not that if I am talking about the future, I am not thinking about the present“. The position of Enel’s CEO is more categorical, Francesco Starace, who again from Cernobbio expressed a clear “no” to the idea that Italy can return to nuclear power, not even that of the fourth generation, because “it’s not as new as it seems“.

The position of Alberto Bombassei, president of the Brembo group: “The possibility of exploiting nuclear energy with fourth generation plants is “a beautiful and stimulating theme. If we were to focus on this project, with a real follow-up, it would be a truly interesting response. A praise to Minister Cingolani“.

Gualtiero Bassetti, cardinal and president of the CEI, closed every possibility: “Development is not always synonymous with progress“. And also Luigi Di Maio has stood in the way of any possible proposal: “Cingolani? I count a lot in this clarification with Conte del 14. Conte knows our sensibilities well. It is right for the leader of a force to clear the line. Fortunately, I have no news of any nuclear proposals in the government, otherwise I would definitely block it“.


Chaos nuclear power Cingolani rectification Maio Cei straight legs

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