sensational new rumors, not denied

sensational new rumors, not denied
sensational new rumors, not denied

On the horizon, the Pontiff’s decision appears as a threatening cloud, which would be very heavy for the future of the Church.

Pope Francis resigned in the fall for health reasons? This is the rumor that has been going on since this morning, following the rumors of the newspaper Free. After the Synod next October, the Pontiff could resign.

Pontiff who resigned in the fall?

An authentic time bomb, written, moreover, by one of the most bitter opponents of this pontificate: the journalist and writer Antonio Socci. Socci’s reconstruction is, in summary, the following: following the colon surgery, which he underwent on July 4th, Francis would no longer be in a position to govern the Church. Probably, therefore, his renunciation of the function Petrine, in October or November, once the next Synod of Bishops is concluded.

According to Socci, the July intervention was not at all planned, as per official note. To the point that not even the cardinal secretary of state, Pietro Parolin, would have been aware of the situation. Moreover, the Gemelli doctors would have liked to keep the Holy Father in hospital a few more days, given the delicacy of the clinical picture.

In support of his thesis, Socci mentions the site The Seismograph, very close to the Holy See and, in particular, to the Secretariat of State, which he spoke of “severe and degenerative” conditions and a probable “chronic disease”.

Another suspicious element, according to the reporter from Free, is theabsence of official medical bulletins, whereas updates on Bergoglio’s conditions have always been disseminated solely by the Vatican Press Office.

Three popes: an unprecedented and sensational scenario

The next conclave, therefore, would now be a matter of months and, to support this hypothesis, in addition to the health conditions, there would also be the advanced age of the Pontiff. On December 17, in fact, Francis will turn 85, just like Benedict XVI at the time of his resignation.

For his part, St. John Paul II died at 84 years and 10 months, after a long and excruciating agony. Over the past two centuries, the longest-lived pontificate was that of Leo XIII, who died in 1903, at the venerable age of 93. Followed by Blessed Pius IX, who died in 1878, at 85 years and nine months and the aforementioned Benedict XVI.

The rumors spread by Free are obviously all to be verified. In this regard, a denial or clarification is expected from the Vatican Press Room, whose eventual silence would probably be interpreted as a confirmation of Socci’s indiscretions.

Moreover, the tenaciously critical position of the Tuscan journalist towards the reigning Pontiff should not be forgotten. A a line that in itself raises more than a doubt about the veracity of what was stated about the Pope.

If Socci’s hypothesis were to prove well founded, we would find ourselves in the exceptional e surprising scenario of three living popes: one reigning and two “emeriti”. An unprecedented fact, if we consider that, in medieval times, there was a pope and two antipopes, but all in conflict with each other.

The times we live in are nevertheless exceptional, difficult to decipher and the great “epoch change” that Pope Francis himself has spoken of several times will probably be easier to understand with the eyes of faith than those of reason. Regardless of who will be the reigning pope at the end of the year.

Luca Marcolivio

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