Travel abroad and Delta variant, 5 things to know before leaving (and to avoid bad surprises)

Travel abroad and Delta variant, 5 things to know before leaving (and to avoid bad surprises)
Travel abroad and Delta variant, 5 things to know before leaving (and to avoid bad surprises)

the vacation summer 2021, the second at the time of Covid, will certainly be different from how we have always known them. Despite the green light of the green pass, there are many attentions to have in order not to see your trip ruined, even more so if you opt for a destination atestero. But what are the precautions to be taken?

Travel abroad: the 5 things to know before leaving

According to an Easyjet survey, the 35% of Italians he was not deterred by the Delta variant and decided to travel beyond national borders. Among the most popular destinations among those who choose a trip outside Italy are the Greek islands: Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu and the Balearic Islands – Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca. Reporter Jacob Passy talks about his experience abroad in Barcelona and on Market Wacth he tells the 5 things he would have liked to know before leaving.

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1. Have a plan in case of illness

It is essential to start feeling protected by vaccine immunization. Although there is a small chance of getting infected, vaccination remains essential to reduce the chances of developing the disease in a serious way and therefore having to resort abroad to hospital assistance, which is not always guaranteed. After the chaos of Italian students and tourists stranded in Malta, Dubai and other holiday resorts, the Farnesina also invited fellow countrymen to consult the website before making any decision to leave and take out insurance.

For those who have the opportunity to work in Smart Working, consider the idea of ​​bringing the necessary tools with them. “There were other things to consider. I work remotely, so I brought my laptop with me in case I couldn’t go home as originally planned »writes Passy in his guide.

2. Take the Covid test before you leave

Recommended to undergo a Covid test before leaving. Talking about his trip to Bracellona, ​​the reporter says: «This is not just a formality: before we could check our luggage at the airport, the reception agent closely analyzed the results of our tests. He verified that the dates of birth listed matched those on our passports, the day the test was taken and the results. So you have to make sure that your test meets the requirements of the airline you are flying with. ‘

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“Depending on where you go, taking the test may not be that difficult. A friend recently went on vacation to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. In the age of COVID, an all-inclusive experience includes COVID testing. But if you’re traveling alone, you may have to navigate a foreign health system to get a test. In Spain, foreigners have to undergo tests through private suppliers, and this is not cheap. I was used to my health insurance which covered the cost of the COVID tests I received in the US, so the price of 100 euros for my PCR test was a bit staggering. “

«Take the test wherever you are while making a video call with a doctor who can certify the result and provide the necessary documents for the return flight by e-mail. You can have the kits sent to you before you leave or collect them at a partner pharmacy “, he adds.

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3. Beware of rule changes

The rules for entering a foreign country I can change quickly. It is therefore essential to stay updated on possible changes. Once again it helps to have travel insurance. “If you book your travel insurance plan early enough, you might pay extra to be able to cancel your trip for any reason. That way, if the country you’re visiting changes the rules so much that travel seems to be more of a chore than a relaxing retreat, you can get a refund. Also pay attention to airline and hotel policies for travel rebooking: many travel companies continue to waive modification fees due to the pandemic ».

4. Put on the mask

Abroad it is essential to wear a mask for your own protection and to comply with the rules in force. It is important to make sure that the masks brought in the suitcase are comfortable and sustainable over time. It is mandatory to wear them for example during the entire time of the flight.

“On my flights to and from Spain, flight attendants often reminded passengers to put on their masks again. – Passy writes- In some parts of Spain, for example, the use of masks was also required outdoors until last week due to the increase in the number of COVID cases across the country. And even where it wasn’t required outdoors, it certainly was anywhere indoors. From museums to grocery stores, we have often seen employees and security guards reminding visitors or customers to wear their masks correctly.

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5. Don’t expect a pre-Covid experience

Traveling in the time of Covid is certainly a different experience than in the pre-pandemic era. Fewer people in the clubs and no nightlife but at the same time fewer crowds and queues. The tourism sector has been hit hard by Covid-19 and the places of visit have been affected.

“That meant we ran into our fair share of shops and restaurants that were about to close. It was a little depressing at times and the evening curfew reminded us that the pandemic is far from over. At the same time, we encountered fewer crowds than is typical for this time of year. ‘


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