What cannot be done by those without a green pass

What cannot be done by those without a green pass
What cannot be done by those without a green pass

the rules on the green pass they are about to change even more and in an even more restrictive way. This week, in fact, the Government will meet to define new rules on the green pass, making it mandatory in other situations in addition to those already defined by the latest decree of 22 July 2021.

We will arrive in September, therefore, where a series of activities will be prohibited to those who do not have the green pass, except for those who will be exempt (which will soon be indicated in the specific circular of the Ministry of Health).

The protests of the “no green pass”, therefore, do not seem to have prevented the government from realizing its plan, which will materialize this week with a new decree that will set new stages for the compulsory nature of the green certificate.

Below, also seen the latest rumors about how the green pass rules are about to change, we have tried to understand what will be the activities that those who do not have them will not be able to do.

What cannot be done without the green pass

To travel

For the moment there are no limits to travel since the latest decree of 22 July, which identifies a series of situations for which a green pass will be mandatory from 6 August, does not address the issue of transport.

Already this week, however, the Government will decide to impose the obligation of the green pass for all long-distance transport for which, explains the Corriere della Sera, possession of the green certificate will be checked before boarding.

For the moment there is no mention of local public transport: the obligation of the green pass – even if it is not yet clear the When – will only concern the transport for long distances. So without the green pass you will not be able to take the plane, the ship or in any case the interregional trains.


Instead, it will be forbidden Playing sports to those who do not have the green pass from 6 August. Yes to individual sport in the open spaces, but the green pass will be mandatory for many sports activities that take place “indoors”, A problem for the arrival of autumn. I’m prohibited, in fact, to those who do not have the green pass, the team sports, such as soccer (for the moment only indoors).

And again, it is forbidden to enter – limited to indoor activities – without a green pass in:

  • pool;
  • swimming centers;
  • spas;
  • gyms.

Consume in bars and restaurants

For these, the above applies: the obligation of the green pass, in force from 6 August, only applies to indoor activities. In detail, the new rules provide that without the green pass it will not be possible to use the table service in the closed premises of bar e restaurants. This too could be a problem especially with the arrival of autumn, when only a few structures will still have the possibility of carrying out outdoor service.

Recreational activities

Other important activities that will be conditioned on the possession of the green pass are those recreational. After a winter of closures who did not wait for the summer to be able to follow one live show, or in any case to take part in festivals e exhibitions.

Well, for both situations, the green pass becomes mandatory from 6 August next. Also forbidden to enter museums and in other places of culture for those without a green pass, as well as in amusement parks.

Go to the stadium

While wondering about the capacity of the stadiums, with the Italian Football Federation who is putting pressure on the lifts to be 100% open, there is no doubt that this season to go to the stadium as well as – where required – the fan card the green pass will also be needed.


Staying in the sports and recreational field, without the green pass – already from August 6 – it will not be possible to enter:

  • game rooms;
  • betting rooms;
  • sale bingo
  • casino.


While discussing the rules for the workplace, with some companies that may necessarily require the green pass to their employees, it is official that from August 6 it will not be possible to take part in the tests of public competitions senza green pass.

No problem for registering for the competition: the important thing will be to have the green pass in the first and subsequent days of testing.

Parties, receptions and weddings

Without the green pass you will not even be able to take part in parties e receptions: it is valid in the case of baptisms and communions, as well as gods weddings.

Visit relatives and friends in hospitals

One of the novelties of the last few hours is that those with the green pass are allowed to go and visit friends and relatives admitted to hospitals. Consequently, for those without green certification, the current rules apply, with most facilities prohibiting entry to unauthorized persons.

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