Still violent thunderstorms 200mm of rain expected

Still violent thunderstorms 200mm of rain expected

More rainfall on the Comasco

Still violent storms

200mm of rain expected

Even today, Sunday 1 August 2021, a new strong wave of bad weather is about to affect our territory

Rain, thunderstorms, a pause and then more rain and thunderstorms. The weather forecasts for Comasco continue in the name of instability and precipitation even on Sunday 1 August 2021. The alarm, beyond the moods of the sky, concerns the conditions of the soil, already disintegrated and soaked due to the effects of phenomena of recent days. The situation, therefore, is of great apprehension: after tonight’s rainfall, even today a new strong wave of bad weather is preparing to affect our territory.

The thunderstorms that will develop in the second phase of the worsening (until this morning or early afternoon) will be characterized by intense and persistent storms as well as by intense electrical activity. The risk of strong winds will also be mitigated.

Therefore, in this second phase we could have problems related to hydrogeological risk and hydraulic risk. According to different models, they could fall from 120 mm to 200 mm (locally over) by Sunday afternoon with all the problems and risks of the case.


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violent thunderstorms #200mm rain expected

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