Yorkshire saves 10-year-old girl from coyote attack (VIDEO)

Brave Yorkshire terrier saves a 10-year-old girl from a coyote attack while they were walking around the neighborhood.

Brave Yorkshire saves 10-year-old girl from coyote attack (Screen Video)

Toronto, Canada a 10 year old girl named Lily stood walking with her little dog Macy, a Yorkshire terrier only six years old when he lived atraumatizing experience.

The little girl who usually walks the dog for today’s walk near her home had noticed some flyers warning the inhabitants of the neighborhood that a coyote prowled nearby.

Little girl being attacked by a coyote rescued by her little Yorkshire

Brave Yorkshire saves 10-year-old girl from coyote attack (Screen Video)

No one would ever have thought the animal could attack in the daytime , but the neighbors surveillance video has witnessed the attack .

The little girl of only 10 years old she was in fact filmed as she ran desperately screaming to be rescued while his brave dog, tiny compared to the coyote kept barking and attacking the animal to make his beloved mistress run away.

The little girl was filmed by a neighbor’s surveillance cameras while she screamed desperately for someone who could help her and starting to ring the bells of the houses to attract the attention of the neighborhood

The little girl after the incident told al WDAM 7 del Canada “I was screaming for help but no one heard me.” “I saw this coyote trying to attack my dog ​​and I tried to ring people’s bells and knock on people’s doors… this neighbor let me in.”

From the resumption of surveillance camera you may notice the little girls screaming the dog’s name while the coyote attacks her and Macy stands in the way barking to defend her.

The dog was bitten numerous times but despite the serious injuries he sustained he continued to bark and defend his beloved child “He’s a super brave dog ”. “I love her so much and thought this little dog could protect this huge human by trying to fight this huge coyote.”

The mother who was not present at the time of the attack he has declared :“My dog ​​would do anything for our family, so I’m actually not surprised he did”

“I never imagined that a coyote would go out during the day and especially with someone yelling and screaming still wasn’t upset”, “He kept chasing her and our dog, despite all the screams. He was quite aggressive. “

Immediately after the attack, the dog was transported immediately to the intensive care unit, was medicated and applied over 40 staples to hold wounds closed and to support drainage tubes.

To provide for the care of the little big heroine A small fundraiser was opened where the story was read as well 600 donors immediately reached and exceeded the necessary quota

“The incredible support we have received from friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers is overwhelming”

Her fever has passed and her appetite has returned… What an absolutely brave dog. I am very proud of her. No coyote will want to mess with her when she gets home. My exuberant girlfriend is a real fighter “.

After the dramatic engrave the dog now thanks to donations and the professionalism of the veterinarians is now well and her wounds are healing, the little girl came out unscathed from the attack.

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Loriana Lionetti

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