Now Draghi has only the school in mind

Now Draghi has only the school in mind
Now Draghi has only the school in mind

The organizational machine: data analysis and preferential lanes

The car headed by General Figliuolo is alerted. The national goal is to vaccinate 80% of the population by 30 September, to obtain that herd immunity that should almost eliminate the circulation of the virus, with the intermediate stage of 60% at the end of July. The latest government report of the vaccination campaign (updated yesterday) sculpts the percentages of immunized in school staff: 78.78% with two doses, 84.83% with one dose (or single). Where for health workers, the numbers rise to 93.73% and 97.86%. About 15% of teachers and janitors are missing from the appeal, those 221 thousand that the executive wants to “hunt” by the summer. While in the 12-18 age group, the goal is to vaccinate 60% in time for returning to school.

Figliuolo has already put the Regions and the Public Administration in default, asking for the data of the No-Vax of the sector (and of those who for health reasons cannot get vaccinated) in order to plan the next steps. Deadline: August 20th. In time to evaluate the possible introduction of the vaccination obligation. As proposed by a bill by Forza Italia. In the meantime, on with the moral suasion. “The goal is to ensure good coverage for students aged 12-18 before the start of the school year – said the extraordinary commissioner to the” Foglio “- given the importance of face-to-face teaching”. In full line with Draghi. Together with Speranza, they are preparing a protocol with the order of pharmacists for rapid tests at controlled prices, for which the government has allocated 45 million euros. But also preferential lanes in the hubs for teenagers and professors.

Finally, there is no fear that the green pass crackdown will put the car in crisis. Yes, because after the government’s decision, bookings for vaccinations throughout Italy are accelerating: the numbers say that in the last week almost 350 thousand people have been vaccinated with the first dose or the single dose (because they have already had Covid). 30, 118 thousand of which are very young between 12 and 19 years: a triple growth compared to that of adults between 50 and 69 years, in which 124 thousand have been vaccinated in the last seven days with the first or only dose. In particular, in the 12-19 range, for which only Pfizer is authorized, 1,232,932 children took the first dose or the single dose, 117,788 more than 7 days before. Bookings in Lazio have increased tenfold in recent days, but exploits are also recorded in Catania, Milan and Trentino. From the commissioner structure they reassure: the system will hold up, the pass is a “stimulus” that compensates for the expected decline in August.

The warning from principals and unions: hurry up or start again with Dad

To ask the question of timing (very tight) are also the experts. Which – from the principals to the unions – sound an alarm: yes to vaccination coverage, but it is illusory to believe that it will solve all the problems. The risk Dad for high school, in short, is around the corner. “The danger is there. We must hurry – said the head of the National Presidi Association Antonello Giannelli to “Repubblica” – Accelerate the vaccines of those who attend school. We are already late today, August 20 would become irrecoverable. There are 4 million students to be immunized in a month and a half ”. Equally clear is the head of the principals in Lazio Mario Rusconi: “We are happy with Draghi’s words and in favor of the green pass for teachers, staff, anyone who goes to school, including parents who enter the secretariat. However, the checks and sanctions must then be the responsibility of the Local Health Authority and the Prosecutors, do not think of attributing them to the schools because there is a risk of disputes “. Rusconi also invites the government to shorten the time: “It would be madness to decide on August 20. Certainties are also needed out of respect for families who have to organize themselves ”. The secretary of the CGIL Scuola Francesco Sinopoli is more cautious: “Achieving maximum vaccination coverage is fundamental and a civic duty, there was mass support from teachers when there was a fast track. The state is to decide on the obligation and the law will be respected. But the government has a say right away, not just on vaccines. I wonder why we arrived at the end of July without certainty ”.

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