what changes and why now a simple “Cila” is enough

what changes and why now a simple “Cila” is enough
what changes and why now a simple “Cila” is enough

Saw Gor.
July 24, 2021 6:11 am

Less bureaucracy for the 110% super bonus. It is now easier to request and use the relief, thanks to the adjustments contained in the amendment to article 33 bis of the Simplifications decree, which received a positive opinion from the Draghi government. Martina Nardi, chairman of the Chamber’s Productive Activities Committee that had presented the amendment, explained: “Now it is clear that a simple Cila is enough to proceed, that is the communication of the start of works and not the Scia (the certified signaling of the start of activities, ed), necessary when the intervention concerns structural elements. This is an important turning point “.

The simplified 110% super bonus: what changes

What changes compared to before? For interventions concerning the structural parts of the buildings or the elevations, the Cila, the communication of commencement of works, will therefore be sufficient. For the “free building” works in the Cila only the description of the intervention is required, while in the event of changes in the course of the work it will be enough to communicate them at the end of the works as an integration of the same Cila. At the end of the works, certified notification of the start of activities is not required. Not only. It is also official that there is no longer the obligation of the declaration of urban planning compliance both in the case of a 110% superbonus and in the case of a seismabonus for structural intervention works, such as the refurbishment of the roof or floor or stairs. The amendment frees professionals and citizens from numerous bureaucratic-administrative steps.

Other innovations, then, concern the thermal coat and the anti-seismic curb. The thermal insulation system and the anti-seismic curb, from now on, will derogate from the minimum distances between buildings provided for by law. With regard to photovoltaic roofs, it is also clarified that the panels can also be installed in historic centers. Specifically, the panels can be arranged in the “A zones” that the Municipalities have identified after 1968, as long as they are integrated and non-reflective panels, which do not distort the landscape.

Another novelty is that those who buy a property subject to 110% renovation will have thirty months and no longer eighteen to establish their residence in the municipality of the property and pay the registration tax reduced by 2%.


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