The shame of the journalist: the gesture before the live broadcast

The shame of the journalist: the gesture before the live broadcast
The shame of the journalist: the gesture before the live broadcast

A veritable storm of controversy has broken down against the TV reporter of a German private broadcaster; the woman in question is accused of having “sprinkled on purpose with mud“before a live broadcast from the recently flooded areas of the country. The indicted reporter is the 39-year-old Susanna Ohlen, up to now on the private channel

In detail, the journalist, this Monday, was sent to Bad Münstereifel, in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is one of the areas most devastated by the lethal floods of last week; in her own service, Ohlen had to tell, at the decision of the program editor Good morning Germany, the suffering of the residents, but, argue its detractors, the same, to make “more authentic“the service, would have decided to pretend to have”actively helped“the residents in the cleaning job and to have been in close contact with the muddy rubble. As a result, she would have started to”dirty clothes on purpose“and, as proof of his attempt to deceive viewers, there is a video that is going crazy on the web.

The reporter was in fact filmed while, before the connection, she intentionally smears mud on her white tank top and face, to pretend she has just been among the debris to assist citizens in difficulty; after the clip has been published online, he decided to suspend the 39 year old for “unethical behavior“. The latter, after the outbreak of the scandal, admitted that she intentionally got dirty to pretend to have helped the flooded population. She, through a message-confession that appeared yesterday on her Facebook profile, has precisely addressed her own apologies to the deceived viewers and at the same time tried to explain his gesture: “On Monday I made a serious mistake in the flooded area, in front of the cameras of ‘Guten Morgen Deutschland’. Having already privately helped relief efforts in the flood-affected region in the previous days, that morning I was ashamed, in front of the other helpers, to stand in front of the camera in a clean top. Then, without thinking twice, I smeared mud on my clothes. As a reporter, this should never have happened. As a person who cares about the suffering of all those affected, it has happened to me. Excuse me“.


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