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national scandal, ruined – Libero Quotidiano

national scandal, ruined – Libero Quotidiano
national scandal, ruined – Libero Quotidiano

What is not done for the news. The German journalist Susanna Ohlen was suspended by the issuer RTL because, before the live broadcast from the flooded areas in Germany, as reported the, she was caught on film as she covered her face and clothes with mud. It seems, to make the connection from the places devastated by the storms, even more “authentic”.

“The actions of our reporter clearly contradict journalistic principles and our standards,” said the German private network in a note explaining the reasons for the suspension of their correspondent. In the report from Bad Münstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia, the journalist talked about the suffering of the residents and explained that she actively helps them with the cleaning work. But it wasn’t true. As the images that have betrayed her show. So Susanna Ohlen published a post on social media in which she apologizes for what she did.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to the disaster areas. And he spoke of “surreal, ghostly” scenes, promising quick economic aid and more careful policies to combat climate change. In the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate the deaths are at least 112, but the toll is destined to rise. In that of North Rhine-Westphalia is 45 deaths, including four firefighters. In Belgium the dead are 31.

Merkel spoke of a “shocking” situation, “devastation that the German language barely has words to describe. The federal and state governments will act together to return to normal, step by step.”

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national scandal ruined Libero Quotidiano

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