Kosovo, the new president Vjosa Osmani is a breath of fresh air in a country steeped in patriarchy

Kosovo, the new president Vjosa Osmani is a breath of fresh air in a country steeped in patriarchy
Kosovo, the new president Vjosa Osmani is a breath of fresh air in a country steeped in patriarchy
The Kosovo has the second female president in its history, Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu. In a country steeped in patriarchy, Vjosa Osmani claims to be a progressive feminist who wants to give a new impetus to her country by fighting corruption and crimes, including war crimes.

She herself said in an interview that she feels she belongs to that group of young women political leaders who are establishing themselves in the world as Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, Sanna Marin in Finland and more recently Kaja Kallas in Estonia: “All over the world, women have opened a new era in the way of doing politics, with responsible and ethical actions”.

Kosovo is a country very often referred to as “a special case” or “sui generis”. Always in the sights of Serbia, after the conflict in 1998-1999, it proclaimed itself independent in 2008 thanks also to the international protection of the United States, the European Union and the important NATO presence.

In a country that has always been in the balance and in the instability of potential conflicts, international gears have made it possible to raise a new generation of women and men who want to think about the future despite Covid. In particular, for women in Kosovo, the agenda on peace and security linked to the resolution of the security council 1325 and following was an opportunity to give them a voice and build paths that allowed talented women to take part in alternating phases. processes of negotiation of peace and the construction of history and democracy in this country.

Osmani herself began her journey that led her today to be president, defending the legality of Kosovo’s independence before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. This is how, in the space of twenty years, Kosovo’s institutions have seen women who participate as active agents in the change and guide mediation and negotiation efforts.

The new president, in addition to an international and pro-European outlook, has women at heart. “Girls have the right to become what they believe in. Your every dream can come true ”she made her debut as soon as she was elected. Today he finds himself with a government that has six ministers out of a total of 15. One third of the 120 deputies are women, one level never achieved before in a territory where patriarchal ideas are deeply rooted.

She herself has put a lot of effort into tackling violence against women and the sexism. It has been, as often happens to women in decision-making roles, the target of allusions and ridicule even by politicians. In particular, Ardian Kastrati, a university professor, as well as an opposition deputy, made jokes allusive to the body of Osmani on Facebook in reference to women in positions of power. But the new generations have not been watching and the students of the university of Pristina they took to the streets to support the then parliamentarian Osmani and demand the expulsion of sexism from the university.

And that there is a desire for change is certainly understood not only by the election of Vjosa Osmani but also by other important signals, such as the fact that in full pandemic, on 25 September 2020, the National Assembly of Kosovo adopted a amendment to the Constitution which allows for the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and Domestic violence – Istanbul Convention. A very important sign for a young population that chooses to live a future different from the past one.

While the international situation becomes complicated between the EU, Turkey and beyond, while the attack on women’s rights continues everywhere in Europe and in the world, the path of women in politics continues. Welcome Osmani.

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