Burma, a famous actor of the country arrested: he protested against coup | Military people are chasing 100 personalities

08 Apr 2021 06:58

The civilian death toll continues to rise: we are at 600 dead in a few days

Paing Takhon, who in addition to participating in the protests personally was also active on social media before the authorities closed his accounts, was arrested while at his mother’s home in the North Dagon area of ​​Yangon. Meanwhile, the military has published a list of about 120 wanted celebrities.

Death toll is close to 600, thousands arrested – The death toll since the start of the anti-coup protests in Burma has touched 600: this was reported by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners (Aapp). According to the non-profit organization for the defense of human rights based in Thailand, 12 people were killed on Wednesday, while another five who had lost their lives in recent days but had not been counted were added to the total: the new data bring the total of victims to 598. Currently, moreover, 2,847 people are in prison. The UN also sounds the alarm about a possible imminent bloodbath if the situation continues to degenerate.

Ambassador to GB: “Occupied by military embassy in London” – Burma’s ambassador to the UK, Kyaw Zwar Minn, said the Burmese military had “occupied” the embassy. “When I left the embassy – said the diplomat Minn to the ‘Daily Telegraph’ – they broke inside and took it. I am from the Myanmar army”. “They said they have received instructions from the capital, so they will not let me in,” added the ambassador who had publicly taken sides against the coup.


Burma, police shoot at the funeral of one of the 114 victims


Burma, actor Paing Takhon arrested


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