killer landslide a few kilometers from Cologne, dead and missing in Erftstadt-Blessem [FOTO e VIDEO]

The balance of the historic flood that hit Northern Europe is becoming more and more tragic. According to the latest information, in Germany at least 93 people have lost their lives but the very high number of missing people is worrying, as many as 1300 in the Rhineland-Palatinate region alone, even if this could be due to the fact that the telephone services were put out of use by the collapse of the poles of the electricity.

Some people have died and others are missing following a landslide, caused by heavy floods, which hit some houses in the town of ErftstadtBlessem, about 40 km from Colonia. “The houses have largely been wiped out and some have collapsed. Several people are missing“, The authorities said.
The dynamics of the landslide are not yet clear, as communication difficulties with the affected area persist, reports Spiegel. Emergency calls continue to come from survivors’ homes: residents have not left their apartments or returned despite the flood. At the moment the evacuation of the inhabited center would be possible only via “water”.

Catastrophic flood in Germany, killer landslide in Erftstadt-Blessem [VIDEO]


killer landslide kilometers Cologne dead missing ErftstadtBlessem FOTO VIDEO

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