What is true in Vladimir Putin’s support for Donald Trump?

What is true in Vladimir Putin’s support for Donald Trump?
What is true in Vladimir Putin’s support for Donald Trump?


A vendor shows a traditional Russian wooden nesting doll, Matryoshka doll, depicting Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and US President and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at a gift shop in central Moscow on November 3, 2020. (Photo by Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP) (Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

What is true in the news published by the “Guardian” according to which at the beginning of 2016 Putin authorized the Russian services to carry out an action of espionage and disturbance to support Donald Trump, then Republican candidate for the White House opposed to the Democratic Hillary Clinton ?

It is not only the final result that, unexpectedly, gave Trump victory after polls predicted Clinton’s success, which leads us to believe that the news of the authoritative British newspaper, accompanied by detailed documentation, is adequate information. to reality.

For some time, and already in the 2016 election campaign, rumors and news circulated that the Republican candidate was supported by the Russians who preferred him to the White House not only because “mentally unstable” to the point of generating a social explosion that would have weakened the States United, but above all, for being blackmailed for various reasons.

The first involved documentation in the Kremlin’s possession of abnormal sexual behavior that the American construction contractor had engaged in during visits to Russia, which is entirely probable considering that the sex trap is a typical tool of espionage.

The second concerned a financial issue of debts Trump allegedly contracted for business ventures abroad, debts that had been written off with the extraordinary intervention of a Russian-controlled Cypriot bank.

The third reason, which is the original one, concerns the hypothesis that Trump in ancient times became a “friend and collaborator” of the Russians hired through the Czechoslovakian father of his first wife, who then fortunately became a successful candidate for president.

Neither I nor others can be sure that the documentation that appeared in England, although it has been verified by experts who have judged it to be reliable, is truly authentic and was not instead produced by other Services when a “tepid war broke out ”Between the United States and Russia on the activity of hackers who had already stolen the e-mails of the Democrats. But we can’t pretend the news doesn’t exist. And that the destabilization that the Russians wanted to trigger through Trump did not have such a dramatic sequel as to question the credibility of the United States on Trump’s initiative.


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