Travel abroad, without a tampon, it is forbidden to return to Italy (even if you are vaccinated): the rules

Travel abroad, without a tampon, it is forbidden to return to Italy (even if you are vaccinated): the rules
Travel abroad, without a tampon, it is forbidden to return to Italy (even if you are vaccinated): the rules

The summer holidays are almost upon us and many Italians have already booked their trip choosing a foreign country, relying on the green pass. However, many do not know that even people who have been vaccinated could be forced to make the tampon per re-enter in Italy.

Furthermore, a series of recommendations arrive from the Farnesina that warn travelers, inviting them to consider the possibility of get stuck in a foreign country in the event that it should test positive for Covid. So let’s see what all the rules and prohibitions are.

Travel abroad, mandatory buffer for returning to Italy

From 1 July the green pass europeo a document that should allow travel in Europe and between Shengen countries without having to comply with certain restrictions, such as quarantine O buffer, however, this is not always the case. In fact, each country can decide independently what are the requirements for obtaining the document, and Italy, for example, has decided to issue it already after the administration of the first dose of vaccine.

This condition allows you to move freely in all those countries that have decided to accept travelers with a single dose of vaccine, but at the time of their return to Italy, they will be obliged to undergo the tampon even with the vaccine, since “Need a swab or certification for completed vaccination course for at least 14 days for enter Italy.

Let’s take an example: the Croatia has decided that people can freely enter the country as long as they have a “Certificate of vaccination that proves to have received the first dose for at least 22 days, and no more than 42 for Pfizer and Moderna and 84 for AstraZeneca. Italians after 22 days from the first dose of vaccine can therefore go on vacation to Croatia without having to swab. Upon returning to Italy, however, at the border they will be asked to show thefailure of a tampon, given that our government has decided to allow entry only to people who have received the double dose of the vaccine, or who have undergone a rapid molecular or antigen test.

Warnings from the Farnesina

Concerns related to the Delta variant are growing and a series of warnings for travelers. The Foreign Ministry has in fact specified that “Every shift can involve a health risk and precisely for this reason travelers should take into consideration the possibility of getting sick in a foreign country and therefore having to spend the quarantine there.

Hence the advice of “Plan every aspect of the trip with the utmost attention, also contemplating the possibility of having to spend an additional period abroad, as well as having ahealth insurance that also covers the risks associated with Covid “.

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