at least 7 dead and the Meuse river scares Liège, “who can leave the city as soon as possible, whoever has to stay should go up to the upper floors”


The interim mayor of Liege, in consideration of the danger of flooding and flooding of the Meuse, he advised those who can, those who work in Liège and tourists to leave the city, and, if this is not possible, to go up to the upper floors: the newspaper Le Soire. Mayor Christine Defraigne, contacted by the newspaper, invited “who can leave the city of Liège to leave it“. According to the province’s estimates, “the water level should rise by one and a half meters“. “People who work in Liège or are sightseeing can leave the city, the quays will no doubt be closed“.
The situation is critical throughout the province: at least 7 people died. A dozen houses have collapsed in the town of Pepinster. The entire province of Liège is on flood alert, in “red” code (as well as most of those of Luxembourg, Namur and Brabant Wallon). Due to the heavy rains that hit the south of the country and the high water level at the dam on the island of Monsin, the Meuse river could flood right now, authorities in Liège reported.
The interim governor of the province of Liège, Catherine Delcourt and the mayor of Liège Willy Demeyer therefore advise the inhabitants and traders of the districts on the banks of the Meuse (Coronmeuse, Saint-Léonard or the city center) to take preventive measures.

Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden stated that she had activated the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism to deal with damage caused by bad weather: this allows to appeal to other countries for specific support needs (in terms of equipment, personnel, etc.) and to mobilize “the European Civil Protection Support Team, through which Belgium can use equipment and additional rescuers”. “Even the hours and days to come are likely to be marked by bad weather“, The government noted, stressing that the priority is to secure the residents. The minister “is following the situation closely and is in close contact with the emergency services“.
In the wake of this announcement, France announced the sending of aid: Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and French Civil Security explained on Twitter that they had sent 40 rescuers in addition to a helicopter to the province of Liege.

Belgium has been plagued by days of heavy rains that are causing several floods in urban centers close to rivers.


dead Meuse river scares Liège leave city stay upper floors

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