Trump’s class action against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube who have banned him: “Just silence”

“We will ask for an end to this penalty shadow, to this silencing, blackmail, banishing and canceling what you know very well ”. Donald Trump continues its war against Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube. And it adds a piece that goes beyond the statements of hostility. From his golf club of Bedminster in New Jersey, where he spends the summer, the tycoon he has in fact put himself at the head of one class action against the three giants of web (Youtube is from Google) and theirs administrators delegates, accusing them of silencing the voices conservative and declaring himself victim of censorship. A crusade judicial against the social networks that have banned it, invoking the violation of the first amendment of the constitution. He will ask them for the restoration of accounts demanding a compensation damage, requests that will be filed in a federal court of the Florida, which became his ‘home state’ after that New York she turned her back on him.

The former head of the White House he was kicked out of the three main ones platforms for spreading his false allegations of fraud electoral and for inciting his fans to storm the Congress last January 6 to overturn the outcome of the elections. The giants of Silicon Valley they justified their ban with the fear that Trump it could instigate more violence.

Since then the tycoon thus he found himself without the megaphone of the social networks, his main one weapon electoral and channel of communication directed with the ‘populace of’Make America great again‘. A hard blow that threatens to undermine his ambitions to remain on the political scene, keeping his grip on republican party, piloting the elections of Midterm in 2022 and perhaps reapplying at presidential in 2024.

The class action however, it does not seem to have a great chance of success. According to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, the companies internet are exempt from the responsibility of contents posted by third parties and are authorized to moderate their services by removing posts that violate their own standards, from violence to racism.

Trump and other conservatives accuse Twitter, Facebook and other social networks for having abused this “protection” and ask to remove this immunity or at least to subordinate it to conditions set by the government. THE republicans however they have already lost for the moment a first battle just in Florida, where a federal judge temporarily blocked a new one law state which regulates how i social media can moderate i contents, stating that the measure violates the first amendment on the freedom of expression. The law provided for fines of up to $ 250,000 for the platforms online which suspend i politicians and authorized the citizens of the Florida who feel they are “unfairly treated” and financially harmed by suing tech companies.

in the meantime Trump is embarrassed by new revelations: during a visit to Europe in 2018 on the occasion of the centenary of the end of WWI, the then president told his cabinet chief John Kelly that Hitler he had done so many good things, according to the book, out on July 13, by the journalist Michael Bender, ‘Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost’. Kelly he replied that he was wrong but he remained on his positions arguing that in the 1930s there was an economic recovery of the Germany under Hitler. “Nothing can be said in favor of Adolf HitlerKelly replied in vain.

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