but inside it makes an incredible discovery

A very unusual report for some traffic police officers who carried out a check in a car last weekend. It all started with one Peugeot in blue color which has crossed an intersection with red light, and ended up with a discovery absolutely unbelievable.

Shark-eagle, fossil discovered of the mysterious species that swam 93 million years ago

It happened on the night between Friday and Saturday in Loughborough, in Leicestershire, in England. A man, driving a Peugeot, had passed with red light and he was immediately chased and stopped by some policemen. The officers were stunned when they discovered, behind the back seat, that there was one inside the trunk sheep.

The car, without inspection and insurance, was immediately seized and the driver will be questioned in the next few hours. Meanwhile, as the police explain, the officers are trying to figure out how that one sheep ended up in that trunk and to identify its rightful owner. Until that time, the motorist, who claims to have regularly bought the animal from a breeder, cannot be investigated.



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