Italy alive, from the limelight to the crisis: the party fears Renzi’s farewell

Italy alive, from the limelight to the crisis: the party fears Renzi’s farewell
Italy alive, from the limelight to the crisis: the party fears Renzi’s farewell
“Draghi? The country has gained a little less than us …”. In this joke by Ettore Rosato, one of the coordinators of Italia Viva, the exact point of the parable of the party of Matteo Renzi: architect of the fall of the government of Giuseppe Conte, the daily protagonist of the news for at least two months, the prime mover of a new executive praised by all, but at the lowest level of consensus that for Swg are just over two percent.

Iv is sailing in uncertain waters: polls say that, 18 months after its launch, the project has not taken off and the large parliamentary representation (45 between deputies and senators) is wondering about its own future which, under current conditions, would guarantee re-election to a few lucky. Doubts fueled by the intense extra-political activity of the former prime minister, who in the space of a couple of months traveled four times between Africa and the Middle East, meeting hereditary princes, sheikhs and heads of state.

Lecturer, investment facilitator, weaver of international relations: Renzi’s multiple roles, not all of them cleared up. The only certainty are the rising incomes, for the former Scrapman, who declared over one million euros in 2020, and his intuitive desire not to give up on missions abroad in the future. “Isn’t he leaving us?” Is the question that, at this point and more and more frequently, the same elected officials who are afraid of having ended up in a sort of political bad company ask themselves.

“No, I’m not leaving”, Renzi has already replied and he will also do so publicly in the next few hours. Indeed, the programs are lively: the Spring of ideas to give new life to the party, the political training school with 500 young people scheduled for early September in Pontedilegno, at Salvini’s “home”, a new Leopolda in November.

But all this is no longer enough for those – there are more and more – who demand a true structure of the party which after its foundation, in September 2019, only gave itself a first organization, then celebrated just a couple of assemblies: in the last of these, twenty days ago, the senator of Rignano had promised a reorganization that should also include the appointment of regional managers: nothing has yet been seen.

In this transition situation there are those who propose primaries for leadership (you never know) and those, like the senator Leonardo Grimani, sees the risk of a crash: “We must make a qualitative leap and structure ourselves on the territory: otherwise we will remain a group of parliamentarians destined to dissolve in the next elections”. Renzi knows of worries and discontent, also conveyed by big names such as Rosato and Luigi Marattin. And to the most impatient he sends a transversal message when he points out the building – in suburban mayors like Isabella Conti (San Lazzaro di Savena) and Ciro Bonajuto (Ercolani) – the fresh forces to draw from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the tortoise deployment that allowed Italia Viva not to disintegrate at the time of the crisis, is opening up with the passage of time. And critical voices are heard. The deputy Camillo D’Alessandro he does not deny that Renzi’s sallies on the Arab renaissance or his presence at the Bahrain GP while Italy is in semi-lockdown “create a problem of perception by the people that he should take charge of.

But let’s be clear: if we are stuck at two percent – explains D’Alessandro – it is not because Matteo is unpleasant but because people do not know in which political area their vote will end. This is why I have been asking for a congress for some time. For me the location is clear and it is the center-left, others think differently “.

In fact: a big player like the group leader in the Senate Davide Faraone openly declares that for the next elections for the Municipality of Palermo a pact with Forza Italia is necessary, in Turin they flirt with the candidate supported by the center-right Paolo Damilano and in Calabria the meetings of the local leaders towards Fi and Lega have sparked an internal revolt. All while the corridors are getting narrower: Calenda’s no weighs on the construction of an area in the center, Fi is not willing to say yes to Renzi and renounce the towing of Matteo Salvini and the Democratic Party does not give up the 5 Stars. Letta, incidentally, said that he will meet Renzi but has not yet set an appointment, after having even seen the Greens and the Italian Left. Matteo can wait. Being calm, the evil ones ironize.

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