Rome, garrison for Assange’s 50th birthday: ‘conspiratorial silence on his case. Today here for him and for our right to be informed ‘

On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of the journalist and founder of WikiLeaks the group Italians for Assange organized a sit in in Piazza Trilussa in Rome. The goal is to keep the attention on the affair and clamor for it his release from prison. “Today we are in the square for both man Julian Assange to which they have been taken ten years of life – declared Eugenio Abruzzese, of the Italians for Assange association – but also for what it represents, that is our right to be informed. “

Assange is in the maximum security prison of Belmarsh in England from his arrest to London on April 11, 2019, for making public documents testifying to the war crimes of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. With 18 counts of indictment, including the accusation of espionage, the activist, if extradited to the US, faces 175 years in prison. He was also present at the garrison Pine Goats, deputy of the parliamentary group L’Alternativa c’e, who proposed a motion to the Chamber to make the journalist recognize the political refugee status.

“He is credited with immense historical merit – added Cabras – because he revealed very important questions on peace and war, on war crimes. What amazes us right now is the silence of many parties“Recently, the key witness for the prosecution in the Assange trial, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, a former WikiLeaks volunteer who later became an FBI informant, said he had fabricated false evidence against the Australian journalist on behalf of the United States. His statements had been instrumental in building the conspiracy charges.

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