177 fires are in progress in western Canada

In British Columbia, a province of Canada in the east of the country, 177 fires are underway, favored by the high temperatures of recent days. One of the fires is the one that destroyed the town of Lytton, 260 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, where 49.6 ° C was recorded on Tuesday, the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

On Friday, the British Columbia Wildfire Service, the fire service that deals with forest fires, said that of the 136 active at the time, many had been triggered by the numerous lightning strikes that had struck the province the day before. According to current estimates from the British Columbia Wildfire Service website, which contains a constantly updated map, nearly 70 percent of the fires started due to lightning strikes; however, high temperatures and low humidity favor its spread. The same weather conditions contributed to the deaths of 719 people in the past week according to the British Columbia government.

As a result of the fires, hundreds of people have received evacuation orders and many main roads have been closed.

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