After the carousels of the Italian fans there are fines and complaints

After the carousels of the Italian fans there are fines and complaints
After the carousels of the Italian fans there are fines and complaints

LUCERNE – After Italy’s victory in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020, celebrations and carousels were recorded in several Swiss cities. In Lucerne, however, the police proved to be much less condescending than elsewhere with the supporters of the Azzurri: they reported and fined “several” of them.

As reported by the cantonal in a press release today, on Friday evening, in the city, single motorcades of vehicles were recorded already after the Switzerland-Spain match, which led to the complaint of a person leaning out of the roof of a moving car. After the Belgium-Italy match won by Mancini’s national team, however, the situation has degenerated.

In particular, around 11pm a long carousel formed between the Luzernerhof and Bahnhofplatz, in the heart of the city. On the Seebrücke, which connects the two areas, around 650 Azzurri fans also gathered. The police were forced to close the access to the bridge from the side of the station, thus allowing a gradual return to normal only around 00.40.

For the celebrations, the agents issued “several” complaints and fines. In addition to the noise caused by the horns, dangerous behaviors such as the waving of flags attached to sticks outside the windows were sanctioned.

As 20 Minuten reports, the police elsewhere have been more understanding. In Winterthur, the celebrations were “noisy, but peaceful” and, although the closure of a road was necessary, there are no reports of fines or complaints, the Communal said. In Zurich, a fan even climbed onto the roof of a trolley bus, from which he waved his arms dangerously close to the electrified overhead line.

In Basel, where the Azzurri fans also celebrated with great enthusiasm, only “single fines” were reached in the event of “excesses”, says the spokesman for the local Department of Justice and Security, Toprak Yerguz.

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