among the twenty-year-olds, 450 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants –

among the twenty-year-olds, 450 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants –
among the twenty-year-olds, 450 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants –

From residences for the elderly to discos: in Spain the coronavirus proves to be able to adapt to circumstances, as vaccines close the doors of access to its traditional victims. Less lethal, but more resourceful, therefore spreads in the meeting points of teenagers and twenties, alarming the authorities and managers of nightclubs, who fear the new and prolonged closures already foreseen if this trend were to continue or even worsen. The data leave no room for many doubts: even Covid “se va de fiesta”, for a couple of weeks now, and the percentage of infected youth rises dangerously.

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If the general average in the population is currently 152 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, restricting the sample to only in their twenties, it reaches 450, well above the “high risk” limit, set at 250. Among i 12-19 year olds has exceeded 350 cases, in striking contrast to that of grandparents and parents: among the over fifty, in fact, the incidence has dropped to 55 cases per hundred thousand.

The health system holds up (and 750,000 vaccines are made a day)

The good news is that for the moment the health system is holding up the pressure from new patients, almost all suffering from mild symptoms and treatable at home, but it adds haste to the immunization campaign, which already runs at the rate of 750,000 vaccinations per day. The new outbreaks were easily identified: the celebrations at the end of the school year, the return of festivals, the expansion of access, travel, the “botellons”, those mega outdoor gatherings, but crowded, with high alcohol consumption.

Covid in Spain, the insights

Reopening at risk

The mega outbreak of Mallorca, a few days ago, with over 850 students on a post-course trip positive results (and a serious eighteen year old in resuscitation) is a first sign of what could happen in the next few weeks in tourist resorts. To then spread to other communities in the country, where the long wave of infections in the Balearics has caused 1,600 cases. In Catalonia the nightlife sector, just authorized to operate until 3 am, he is almost in a panic: if at the beginning of June 90% of the clubs were expected to reopen, now the number could drop to 60%. And the managers warn that the decline in the offer of “legal” and monitored entertainment will inevitably correspond to an increase in “clandestine” happenings and therefore in infections.

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