Scotland, groom falls ill when his future wife arrives: he died shortly before the wedding

Paul and Alison, who had been together for 21 years and have five children, had decided to get married in 2019, when the man proposed to marry his partner at a friend’s house. The date was set for July 16, 2021.

In May of this year, Paul started experiencing some suspicious symptoms. He was sick, he had lost a lot of weight. He then decided to go to his family doctor. Two weeks ago, the diagnosis came: pancreatic cancer with liver and lung metastases. The doctors gave him six weeks to two months to live. A news that prompted the couple to anticipate the wedding.

“If I knew we wouldn’t have much time, I would have tried to arrange the wedding sooner,” Alison told local media, who, upon arriving at the wedding venue, realized something was wrong because Paul was still. “I called him a couple of times, he didn’t turn around, he didn’t look at me.” The man then fell to the ground, those present tried to help him and immediately called the doctors. But even the latter could not do anything.

Paul’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 6 July at Stevenston High Road Cemetery. A fundraiser has been launched on GoFundMe to support the family.


Scotland groom falls ill future wife arrives died shortly wedding

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