England reopens pubs and shops on 12 April. Johnson: “I’ll make myself a beer”

England reopens pubs and shops on 12 April. Johnson: “I’ll make myself a beer”
England reopens pubs and shops on 12 April. Johnson: “I’ll make myself a beer”

England reopens pubs, gyms and shops from 12 April. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that from next Monday England will move to phase 2 of the “roadmap to freedom” from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. “We see no signs in the current data to believe we need to deviate from this program,” the British Prime Minister said at a press conference held in the new Downing Street media room. Johnson, according to the plan drawn up in recent months, has therefore announced that from the beginning of next week in England will be able to reopen non-essential shops, pubs, hairdressers, gyms and other services. “On April 12, I will go to the pub too and, with caution but without turning back, I will bring a pint to my mouth,” he said. “But it is through caution and data monitoring at every stage, and following the rules, that we hope, together, to make this roadmap towards freedom irreversible”, said the premier, urging citizens to respect the rules of distancing and hygiene followed so far.


Johnson “hopes” that British citizens will be able to resume traveling abroad from May 17, according to the rules linked to the vademecum drawn up by the government. The destination countries, based on the covid risk, are divided into different categories associated with different colors. The ‘green’ will mean that travelers will have to undergo anti-covid tests before departure and on return, but without the obligation to quarantine. For the ‘amber’ or red ‘countries, both tests and quarantine will be mandatory. The level of risk in the various countries will be linked to the progress of the vaccination campaign, the incidence of the virus, the presence of any variants and access to “reliable scientific data” also relating to the sequences of the virus. In any case, it is too early to define which countries will be included in the different bands.


The question of the possible adoption of the vaccination passport, which Johnson has defined as ‘covid status certification’, is still on the high seas. The government has “ethical” concerns in relation to the weight of a vaccination passport: there is a risk of discriminating against people who, for health reasons, cannot receive the vaccine. If the project were to go ahead, the executive would bring its own proposal to Parliament.


Only 26 died in 24 hours. The UK vaccination campaign continues to show its positive effects on the progress of the pandemic. The British health authorities have recorded 26 new deaths in the last 24 hours, among people affected by the virus in the 28 days before death, with 2,762 new infections.

In the comparison between the last seven days and the previous seven days, the data indicate a decrease for deaths of 44% and 33.5% for infections. The people who received the first dose of the Covid vaccine, according to data updated to April 4, were 31,581,623, while 5,432,126 people received both doses. The RT is currently estimated to be between 0.7 and 0.9.

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