Israel resumes Netanyahu trial. The accusation: “Serious corruption”. He attacks: “Coup attempt”

Israel resumes Netanyahu trial. The accusation: “Serious corruption”. He attacks: “Coup attempt”
Israel resumes Netanyahu trial. The accusation: “Serious corruption”. He attacks: “Coup attempt”
“A serious case of corruption regime “, in which the” prime suspect is the prime minister of Israel who used his great power in a forbidden way ”. With these words the prosecutor Look at Ben Ari she turned to court of Jerusalem in front of which the premier sits Benyamin Netanyahu. The accusations – which he always rejected – concern corruption, frode e power abuse in three separate judicial investigations and today the trial phase for the presentation of the evidence of the accusation has begun. Netanyahu, according to the prosecutor, has “used the power of his office for his personal ambitions”, abused his power “as a legislator and as a regulator”. Accusations that, explained Liat Ben Ari, are based “on a wide range of direct and detailed evidence”.

But in a statement broadcast on TV, Netanyahu attacked hard i magistrates, saying that the process the course is an “attempt at knock“And a” witch hunt “. According to the premier, the process risks compromising the will of the Israelis who expressed themselves in the polls on March 23 and assigned to the Likud the largest number of parliamentary seats. “It was the judiciary who made an incorrect use of power – he said – It is an attempted coup against an elected prime minister, I am the subject of a big game thrown at me “.

Towards the formation of the government – The hearing began just as the president Reuven Rivlin started the consultations with the parties for the formation of the government. The Likud it was the first formation to be listened to to try to get a new executive formed after elections inconclusive last month. The vote of the 23 March it was largely a referendum on Netanyahu, but did not produce a clear verdict, given that the premier’s party won 30 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, while the coalition of which it belongs has not managed to reach the 61 seats necessary to obtain the majority.

In front of the Jerusalem District Court headquarters, two pickets of demonstrators. One is made up of adherents to the ‘Crime Minister’ movement, which invokes the immediate removal Netanyahu from the office of prime minister by virtue of the serious accusations against him. Among the demonstrators – some dozen – one stands out wearing a prisoner outfit and a mask with the likeness of the premier.

A short distance away, separated by a cordon of agents, is a picket opposing tone organized by two Likud deputies, Angry Distel-Etebaryan e Shlomo Kar’i. On a stage they have erected a billboard on which we read, with a reference to the political elections at the end of March: “The people have chosen: Netanyahu”. While in another message, addressed directly to the premier, it is assured: “You will never march alone”.

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