Horrible Death: “Devoured by Hot Soup”

Horrible Death: “Devoured by Hot Soup”
Horrible Death: “Devoured by Hot Soup”

In Iraq a tragedy took place in the kitchen stove: a cook 25 years old died after falling into a “cauldron boiling“, getting severe burns and expiring after a long agony. The tragedy in question, the details of which are only now emerging, took place on June 15 in Zakho, in the northern region of Kurdistan, in the kitchen of a resort run by international chain Hazel Hall for Weddings and Events.

The cook’s name was Issa Ismail and, according to the Arab press, he was the father of a six-month-old baby and two other daughters. The man had been working in that resort for about eight years, preparing dishes for weddings and other important events for a fee equivalent to just under € 14 and a half. According to the reconstructions of the incident developed by Middle Eastern broadcasters, the chef, while he was cooking and coordinating the preparation of dishes for a wedding party, would be slipped and fell into a huge container full of “boiling chicken soup“.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the other cooks and the staff of the structure, Issa was pulled out of the pot in a short time, but his health conditions immediately appeared to be very serious. The 25-year-old was rushed to the nearest hospital, where doctors found gruesome burns on the “70% of the body“In the hospital, the cook fought death for five days, in excruciating pain, but it was not possible to save him.

The fatal accident in which Issa was involved immediately provoked a heated debate in Iraq, with the victim’s family complaining that the 25-year-old had so far worked tirelessly in that kitchen in the absence of decent working conditions. What makes the relatives of the victim indignant, in detail, is above all, in addition to the miserable amount of the compensation that was paid to the chef, the fact that, in the offending kitchen, the security measures would have been either absent or out of date until now.


Horrible Death Devoured Hot Soup

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