“Beijing wants to intimidate Europe. But the support of the 5 Stars is over”

“Beijing wants to intimidate Europe. But the support of the 5 Stars is over”
“Beijing wants to intimidate Europe. But the support of the 5 Stars is over”

Antonio Tajani has just landed in Rome, after a few days in Brussels. The number two of Forza Italia and MEP was president of the European Parliament and is now vice president of the EPP.

Does China, which celebrates 100 years of its Communist Party by saying to foreign forces “We will not be intimidated,” scare the West?

“It is China, in reality, that is trying to intimidate other countries. At the last party congress, President Xi Jinping illustrated the hegemonic strategy of his country, which wants to become ever greater power with state capitalism and does so also through the markets, by exporting its products. Just like the Romans did. A global strategy, which concerns all sectors, from infrastructures to power lines, and is also implemented through the Silk Road. It is natural that there will be reactions from the United States and other countries, but this does not mean that a dialogue should not be maintained. We too have interests to safeguard, but this cannot make us ignore the problem of the lack of respect for human rights. We must ask ourselves what is and if there is a democracy in China, what guarantees do the workers have. It is a country where there is the death penalty and we have seen how the Hong Kong problem or the question of the minority of good wishes is handled ”.

How much has the Draghi government corrected its foreign policy towards the eastern giant, compared to Conte’s executives, who are very conditioned by the M5S?

«The M5S has a totally pro-China attitude, we were the only European country that made the agreement for the Silk Road, in the past government. Draghi has changed foreign policy, bringing Europe and transatlantic politics as Italy’s main interlocutor. Furthermore, Draghi does not close to Russia, which, beyond the mistakes made, is still a European country and it is necessary to prevent it from falling into the Chinese sphere of influence. China’s trade attack is now aiming everywhere, from Africa to India, from Venezuela to Greenland, to the Balkans. We have seen how it also works on steel, which is sold at a lower cost than ours, due to the lack of guarantees for workers, with unfair competition. Draghi’s correct line correction was one of the reasons why we decided to support his government ».

Berlusconi has been insisting for years on the danger of the Chinese hegemonic design, recommending that Europe be united to face the attack of the Land of the Rising Sun.

«At the 2019 EPP congress in Zagreb, Berlusconi warned of the Chinese threat and was very far-sighted. It has also always supported dialogue with Russia, precisely to keep it away from China ».

The strategy of the Brussels institutions is right, what more could be done?

“The European parliament, when I was president, passed a resolution on concerns about China’s cyber threats on 5G network installations. Now we have also arrived at the world tax for the giants of the web. The field of cybersecurity is one of the most delicate and everything must be monitored, taking the necessary countermeasures. China is also the largest counterfeit factory, 79 million pieces have been seized in the past 3 years and I have personally fought for this issue. The Chinese hegemonic design focuses heavily on infrastructures. They want to buy ports to make bridgeheads to export their products, even counterfeit ones. In recent international summits, such as the G7, there has been great firmness towards China on the part of Europe. General Claudio Graziano, president of the EU Military Committee, issued a cry of alarm when he recommended closing the gap on new technologies with respect to China ».

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