Xi Jinping’s speech threatens world security

Xi Jinping’s speech threatens world security
Xi Jinping’s speech threatens world security

Relations between China and the US have deteriorated in recent months and already did not have a solid basis on which to support themselves. Europe found itself at the center of what has been called “a new Cold War”, among the statements of Joe Biden and the inevitable trade relations with China.

Today, Thursday 1 July 2021, Xi Jinping spoke in front of a crowd of Chinese in celebration to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Communist Party of China (PCC). The speech of the President of the People’s Republic of China, lasting over an hour, touched on various controversial topics, so much so that in these hours there is talk of threats to world security. But is it really so?

Xi Jinping he spoke of the goals achieved and those to be achieved, such as greater modernization of national defense and the army, bringing China to a world-class standard. On the same day of the ceremony, an American report revealed the presence of hundreds of silos to hide the alleged nuclear arsenal. According to the experts of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies of Monterey it would instead be a misdirection: empty holes in the ground to simulate the presence of weapons.

Is there a possibility of a nuclear Cold War between China and the United States?

The experts of international politics in these hours are doing their utmost in trying to comment on the speech of Xi Jinping in a bellicose interpretation. The same phenomenon had occurred during the course of the meetings they saw Joe Biden meet European leaders.

In both cases the threats between the two leaders were not lacking, but the Cold War question seems to have an economic motivation rather than a nuclear one. At least it will be for us, because Europe does not have much to gain from this kind of confrontation-clash, if not economic repercussions due to some affirmation that will not be forgiven us by one or the other side.

Waiting for the American response to the Chinese leader’s speech, therefore waiting to know whether or not it is a “Cold War”, the public debate has been divided between the two nations: among those who recall the many cases in which China has violated and violates human rights and those who accuse the United States of wanting to further expand its influence on the world.

Xi Jingping’s speech and threats against American bullies

In the speech of the celebration to the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping states that:

The Chinese people do not allow any foreign forces to intimidate, oppress or enslave us, anyone who wishes to do so must be ready to face bloodshed, as well as a great steel wall built by one and a half billion Chinese

In the speech held in the square Tienanmen, dressed in clothes similar to those of Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping never openly mentions the United States, but some passages (such as the one quoted) of his speech seem to refer to American moves towards the Communist country. In fact, Xi Jinping said the time for bullying China is over.

On the other hand, the United States wanted to remember, in the renewal of the NATO alliance between Europe and the USA, which are the enemies for which to cling and strengthen together: Russia and China, but above all against the latter. The American concern, also reiterated today with the release on silos, seems to be China’s endowment of nuclear weapons, yet China has no more than 250-350, compared to over 5.000 American. The experts of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies of Monterey declared that it would be necessary to discuss the control of nuclear weapons, beyond the mutual accusations between the two countries.

The speech of Xi Jinping is the speech of the leader of the Chinese single party and perhaps, as the Council for Continental Affairs of the island of Taiwan also states, the most important aspect to focus on would be that “of introduce democratic reforms, such as competition between parties and respect for human rights”And thus avoid that, amidst the threats, moments of independence and the denunciations of the countries that are victims of the superpowers are lost.

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