The delirium of Michela Murgia: “I think like Hamas”

The delirium of Michela Murgia: “I think like Hamas”
The delirium of Michela Murgia: “I think like Hamas”

When we say the cultural depth of the arguments. Michela Murgia, pseudo-writer, writer, influencer and TV commentator on any subject of knowledge, and obviously without having any title, she has succeeded in the enterprise of inventing a profession. Very noble, not having one that can define it. But the job that would really allow her to teach at Harvard is: the showgirl of the absurd.

From Salvini who allegedly “transformed the Mediterranean into a cemetery”, to the Zan Ddl that could “begin to change culture in schools” (said by a former religion teacher it is even more disturbing), to the shock of the uniform worn by Figliuolo, to the males who would be like the “sons of a mafia boss”. It could go on indefinitely.

But in addition to having a tendency to total mystification of reality towards a very specific ideological cause, all the discoveries of the Murgia (which obviously has a team of high-level spin doctors, given that with its nonsense it manages to monopolize the debate for days ) are characterized by a disturbing basic reductionism.
For the Murgia everything is black or white, every question, even the most complicated, is resolved in a few minutes with an effective sentence, a bizarre thesis and without the slightest knowledge of the specific theme.

The latest gimmick, in chronological order, is if possible his ideal manifesto.
A few hours ago, perhaps in the grip of boredom, the Murgia posted among the stories of Instagram a screenshot (later disappeared) of an old chat on Whatsapp with a mysterious interlocutor who asked her what she thought of the conflict between Israelis e Palestinians. The latter, already in the introduction, mistakenly believes that he is speaking with a very profound and aware person, from whom he can acquire some new point of view. And she asks: “… I know it’s a complicated question – the sender writes to the feminist – that it’s difficult to understand where the wrongs and the reasons lie, but you can also not answer right away …”.

Turbo-Murgia, however, on the contrary, has no reason to take time. After all, it is a not at all tangled battle, which has been going on for just 80 years and which does not require any kind of delicacy and open-mindedness. After three minutes, in number, he replies: “It’s not complicated at all. I think of it as HamasAnd as if that weren’t enough, all accompanied by a caption with a reinforcing tone: “Clean up your image folders and find old screenshots you can still be proud of.”

But proud of what? The Arab-Israeli conflict continues to claim victims, to force tens of thousands of people to live in an indecent climate, to create ideological rifts even within the same opposing fronts. But for the Murgia it is all simple: just think of it as Hamas. A movement, it should be remembered, that Israel but also the European Union, the United States, Canada and Japan, index as a terrorist organization. And that, in whatever way one might think about the conflict itself, it has an Islamic fundamentalist matrix that is not at all “petal” and not at all friendly to the rights of women, homosexuals and other cultures in general. In short, Hamas totally disavows everything that the Murgia preaches 364 days a year. When she is not engaged, in what is left over, to fathom the Whatsapp chats and to succeed in the enterprise of saying nonsense contrary to what she usually professes but equally absurd.

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