The transparent Chinese train is the most scenic there is

The transparent Chinese train is the most scenic there is
The transparent Chinese train is the most scenic there is

I take the train and take a trip. Yes, but panoramic from below. A futuristic vehicle that looks like it came out of a special effects movie, but that really exists. It travels on a railroad, is driven in an avant-garde manner by lithium energy, and was inaugurated in Chengdu, southwest China, on June 26.

Already nicknamed more simply as the “Glass Train”, this new convoy that will travel on an elevated rail has a particularity that makes it unique: it has panels glass on three sides, including the fund. The panda-themed sky train, in fact, gives passengers you saw panoramichand breathtaking on the roofs of Chengdu and the skyline of the Chinese metropolis. With its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the sky train offers boarding passengers ample 270 degree view of the landscape below. The vehicle has already become a cult at home also because it looks like a large traveling panda.

The panoramic train that looks like a panda

The train is part of the larger project called Dayi Air-rail, which includes, among others, the first demonstration railway line with renewable energy of China. An aerial panoramic train powered with new energy: the “glass train” designed in China, in fact, is driven by a lithium battery power supply. Many could compare it to a very incredible subway, in terms of sight, but in reality the means differ. Metro and light metro, used by the population as the main modes of public transport in the city, differ from the air rail which will allow to meet the needs of tourist traffic and sightseeing, connecting places with a relatively low passenger flow.

The maximum capacity of one carriage is 120 people and the train can travel to one speed of 80 km / h. The Dayi Air-rail project is developed by Zhongtang Air Rail Technology, which will complete construction by the end of 2021. A sustainable and ultra-light vehicle, considering that the new generation of vehicles weighs about 2.5 tons, 0.5 tons in less than traditional ones and has the lowest self-weight coefficient in the industry.


transparent Chinese train scenic

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