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The Japanese variant that resists vaccines is widespread and the Olympics are at risk

Just today the news arrived: the Japanese variant that resists vaccines is spreading and the Olympics are at risk. The announcement is disconcerting and only raises the level of attention of the international community on the Covid 19 issue, which is at the center of controversy and general concern every day. The alarm on the new variant came from Tokyo, where it seems that 70% of the infected in recent times have been affected by the same. Concern about this variant is very high. According to experts, it would resist vaccines and antibodies that develop as a result of healing from the infection. In short, a real catastrophe.

However (and this seems to be the only positive data), the Japanese authorities have informed the rest of the world that no positive person for the variant has crossed national borders or had contact with friends, relatives or, in any case, people residing abroad. . However, the situation must be monitored because, precisely because of this new strain, in Japan, the infections are going back to the point that more stringent containment measures have had to be applied.

Japan informs about the new variant

“The Japanese variant that resists vaccines is spreading and the Olympics are at risk”. This is the news from Tokyo, which it was preparing to organize the next Olympics, for 23 July. The event had already been postponed last year, right at the home of the health emergency that hit the whole world. Responsible for the possible second postponement this time around is a new strain called Eek.

According to the Japanese public broadcaster, it would have caused 70% of the infections registered in the hospital of the capital, the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital. The most worrying aspect of the whole affair would be the probable resistance of the same to vaccines and antibodies developed by the recovered. However, the question is all to be explored on a scientific level. In the meantime, however, we should worry about making sure that Japan closes all borders and that the airspace is closed to people from Japan!


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