Xbox: Phil Spencer would like to see a beloved IP return

Xbox: Phil Spencer would like to see a beloved IP return
Xbox: Phil Spencer would like to see a beloved IP return

Phil Spencer, lead of the Xbox division, would like to review a beloved IP on Microsoft consoles. We are talking about Killer Instinct, the historic fighting saga of Rare born in 1994. In 2013, the last chapter of the series was released through a free-to-play formula, receiving an excellent reception from the public. A return that many hope will take place as soon as possible; including the boss of Microsoft’s gaming division. This happened in a Dropped Frames live, in which Spencer stated the following:

There are so many great titles in our catalog that we’d love to revisit. The response when we released Killer Instinct at the Xbox One launch was fantastic – has continued – Matt Booty (responsabile Xbox Game Studios) and I have discussed KI many times and where we want to take him, and he’s not out of his mind. But it is in our hearts and minds that we want to keep doing something with KI. It’s about finding the right team and the right opportunity“, He concluded.

In short, it would be a more than welcome return. But the answer of Spencer has clearly hinted that it will not happen now and immediately: it will take time and find the right team and the right opportunity. However, he also added: “[…] it is not due to any kind of lack of desire on our part if we are not doing more with KI, because we love the franchise and the welcome of its community“. A statement that shows the desire of the Redmond giant not to want to abandon the iconic fighting series.

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Xbox Phil Spencer beloved return

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