Iliad offers 120 Giga vs Very 200 Giga. The comparison

June is about to close. Intense month on the front of the great mobile telephony offers that undoubtedly saw two great low-cost telephony brands collide. Iliad versus Very Mobile, with the two extra-large timed offers. Iliad, the fourth mobile operator, is offering the 120 gig timed offer for € 9.99 until 30 June 2021. Very Mobile copies but relaunches, always setting the deadline for its offer on June 30th but offering much more: 200 gigabytes for 7.99 euros per month. The Iliad offer is 5G ready, those of Very no and has the limit of being addressed only to certain categories of customers and only in portability. Among the “lucky ones” who can activate the 200 gig Very offer are those coming from Iliad.

We will talk more about it shortly. What is certain is that these are the two most delicious offers of the moment. And in both cases, activation can be done easily online, from the dedicated pages of the respective operators’ sites. You can access the offers from the links below:

Conoscete Very? Very Mobile is a brand of the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. group of which, among other things, the telecommunications service company Wind Tre SpA is also part. As we said, among the most advantageous offers currently offered by Italian telephone operators, stand out the Iliad 120 Giga and the rate Very Mobile 200. So here are all the characteristics of these two offers, and when maybe to choose one over the other based on what your needs are.


120 GB to surf the Internet in the month, unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS. And all at a cost of only 9.99 per month forever and for real with a one-off cost of 9.99 euros for the SIM card. These are, in a nutshell, the characteristics of Iliad 120 Giga, and precisely of theFlash offer 120 which, for subscriptions, is in any case linked to a timed promotion to which one can join, within the deadline, with the countdown that can be viewed in real time on the Internet site of the operator.

The 120 GB included in the month with the Iliad 120 Giga among other things, they can also be used in 5G where coverage is available. Eventually exceeding 120GB of monthly traffic, with express consent, the Iliad customer with the Flash 120 will be able to continue browsing with a pay-as-you-go rate, and precisely at € 0.90 for every 100MB.


200 Giga to surf, unlimited minutes and SMS for only 7.99 euros per month. These are the main characteristics of Very Mobile 200, the offer which also in this case is timed. And precisely, except for extensions, with the expiry of the subscriptions, for those who want to switch to Very Mobile, which is set for next 30 June 2021. Compared to the Iliad rate, Very Mobile 200 is advantageous for those who currently have active mobile rates with PosteMobile, with CoopVoce and also with Fastweb but above all for those who have activated a sim with Iliad, the main competitor of Very.

Furthermore, Very Mobile 200 can be subscribed at the price indicated above also for those who want to switch from BT Enia, BT Italia, CMLink, Daily Telecom Mobile, DIGI Mobil, ERG Mobile, Green Telecomunicazioni, Intermatica, Lycamobile, Noitel, NT Mobile, NV Mobile and Optima. But also the operators Ovunque, PLINK, Plintron, Rabona Mobile, 1Mobile, Rabona New, Telmekom, Tiscali, Uno Mobile, Welcome Italia and WithU.

Compared to Iliad, the Very Mobile 200 smartphone rate is not only free to activate, but also owns the free SIM card online. And therefore there is no one-off cost to pay. Both offers can be activated directly online.

And you, what do you think? Are Iliad’s rates better or Very’s new mega offer? Let us know what you think by commenting on the post below. We remind you that there is no need to register to comment here on Just enter your name + email address. That’s all for today at

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