the flyer is really absurd

Carrefour is truly infinite, with these new discounts the company convinces everyone with a truly unique promotional campaign, the best solution to be able to spend little or nothing on each purchase made.

The flyer, as it was legitimate to imagine, appears to be available exclusively at physical stores throughout the country, not on the site official company, or in any case elsewhere in Italy. Savings are within everyone’s reach up to June 30, 2021, unless stocks run out early.

Those who want to get closer to the world instead Amazon, they can find the best discount codes of the moment directly at this special link.

Carrefour: the new discounts are golden

The new ones Carrefour discounts they are absolutely golden, they represent the best solution to get you closer to prices lower than the moment, tying itself mostly to the intermediate range of mobile telephony.

In particular, users will have the ability to access Motorola E7i Power, Oppo A74, Samsung Galaxy A52, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G and similar, all still spending less than 300 euros.

Wanting to point to a device instead TCL, we point out the presence of a winning combination, or the presence of TCL 20L e TCL MoveAudio S150; those who add both will in fact only be able to spend 199 euro, when the price list of the TCL 20L would already be equal to that figure.

For more information on the Carrefour flyer of the current period, remember as soon as possible to open the pages that you can find included exclusively in our article, underlining once again all the limitations discussed above.


flyer absurd

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