The Google application keeps crashing? You are not alone

The Google application keeps crashing? You are not alone
The Google application keeps crashing? You are not alone

There are many reports of users who find their smartphone continuously disturbed by multiple crashes of the Google application. Apparently the problem is not isolated and is affecting a very large number of Android devices.

The application Google is having some minor problems. Users from all over the world are reporting crashes and forced closures of the app on their smartphones, a problem that does not seem to have a solution that can work for everyone.

The colleagues of the Android Authority who first reported the news, noticed the crashes on an LG Wing with Android 10 and on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, even if apparently the problem affects both Sony, Samsung, Google, Motorola smartphones. and other brands.

The crash of the Google app would be attributable to an update recently released by the Mountain View company. Version crashes have been reported e of the stable channel, while also with the version beta The app version varies from device to device, so these issues may also affect a variant not listed here.

Responding to complaints on Twitter, the official Made By Google account suggested a restart of the device. The fix worked for some users, others report that restarting their smartphones didn’t help.

Another tip is to uninstall the latest Google app update, however not for everyone it is an effective solution, some users are still having problems with the application even after reverting to the previous version.

It looks like we’ll have to wait for Google to post an official fix and explanation as to what went wrong.

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Google application crashing

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