15 more things on sale for Amazon’s Prime Day

Today is the second and last day of Prime Day discounts and promotions, Amazon’s anniversary dedicated to subscribers to the Prime fast delivery service. For those who want to get a quick idea of ​​the most convenient promotions of these two days, yesterday we put together a list of 15 things with really advantageous prices and today we have selected 15 more. In addition to the products you find in the list below, we point out that there are discounts in the catalogs of several well-known brands such as Chicco, Benetton, Superga, New Balance, Havaianas, Moleskine and Lovable. Instead, the most interesting discounts on Alessi products, the well-known Italian brand of “design” things, can be found here.

There are thousands of discounted products and if you are hoping to do some business but do not have a clear idea of ​​what you want to buy, it is not always easy to find your way. To understand if a price is really advantageous in fact the only effective method is to check the trend it has had in the past months and years: to do this you can use the Camelcamelcamel or Keepa sites.

Smart TV
Italian television will soon switch to a new standard of digital terrestrial and, in order to continue receiving the signal, many people will have to choose between buying a decoder and replacing their television. To understand if your TV needs to be changed, just tune into channel 100 or 200: if nothing is displayed then it probably means that the TV is not enabled to the new standards.
For those in the situation of having to change TV, Samsung is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to televisions and smart TVs. Today it makes several discounts: one of the best-selling smart TV models on Amazon is this 50-inch one and is discounted at 470 euros (usually it costs between 500 and 550).

Then, if instead of changing your TV you prefer to save money and buy a decoder, there are some discounts on those too.

Apple accessories
For those who use a Mac to work and would like to combine it with accessories of the same brand but without spending too much, even today the Apple Magic Mouse costs 60 euros and the keyboard (Magic Keyboard) costs 75: on both products the savings are about 10 euros.

The furniture and household goods brand Baroni Home makes discounts on various products, including these upholstered velvet armchairs: there are powder pink, Tiffany green and dove gray and they cost 136 euros instead of 170. Otherwise, in the knick-knacks category there are pine cones. Sicilian ceramic tiles, which traditionally are kept at home as a wish for strength, fertility and abundance: they usually cost 34 euros but today they are discounted at 27.

A hair straightener
Among the straighteners that are good for both straightening and wavy hair that we tried in March (here you will find the photos of the test results), there is also this one from Imetec which is now discounted at 35 euros (when the we bought it, it cost 58). The straight-haired editor who had tried it is not a lover of curls, but was very pleased with the small wave effect of the Imetec straightener, the so-called frisé.

A WiFi extender
If there are areas of the house where the WiFi signal does not arrive, an inexpensive way to solve the problem is to use a WiFi extender, that is a gadget that connects to the WiFi of the router present in the house and relays the signal from its position. . It is good for those who do not have houses that are too large or obstacles that are particularly difficult to get around. Today it costs 31 euros instead of 45.

The wireless earphones with active noise cancellation from established Jabra audio product brand, the Elite 85h, are on sale for 175 euros, around sixty euros less than usual.

Sailing shoes
Sebago is a brand of nautical leather footwear, one of those that are also used a lot for everyday life in hot weather. Right now it has several discounted models on Amazon and if you are a little lucky with the numbers you can save several tens of euros. For example, this classic women’s model, in number 39, costs 75 euros instead of 95.

A tennis racket
Those who have decided to devote themselves to tennis with the post-lockdown reopenings can now take advantage of some discounts from the historic brand of Wilson racquets. This costs 99 euros instead of 140.

An air fryer
If these appliances intrigue you and you have been thinking of buying one for a while, we recommend that you first read how our tests went to actually understand how they work, what they are used for and how the food comes. Then, if you are convinced, today this model by Moulinex costs 99 euros (when we bought it to try it it cost 130 euros).

An office chair
The Varier, the well-known chair without backrest and armrests that requires those who use it to keep their backs straight, is on sale at 215 euros, a price it hadn’t reached since before the pandemic.

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Things for the kitchen
Not satisfied, after having sifted through Joseph Joseph’s discounts for yesterday’s selection, we also went through Lékué’s catalog of things for the home, some of which are discounted for Prime Day. Among the interesting things and with prices convenient that we have found there are: this tool kit for preparing pickles for 22 euros instead of 29, a container for cooking rice and quinoa in the microwave for 17 euros instead of 24, a kit for preparing bread for 24 euros instead of 31 and a container for Japanese-style food for 15 euros instead of 20.

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A carbonator
Sodastream is the most famous company among those that make carbonators to make natural water sparkling. The Crystal model has the particularity that it can be used with glass bottles (while for all the others you can only use plastic ones): today it costs 92 euros, the lowest price ever on Amazon.

A store
For those who are planning a camping holiday this summer, there are several discounts on Ferrino brand products. This compact three-person tent costs 150 euros, forty or so less than usual. But there are also discounts on backpacks, sleeping bags and air mattresses.

A drying rack
This tree-shaped drying rack by Foppapedretti is the best-selling on Amazon: closed it has a compact cylindrical shape, while open it has 18 spokes on which to hang wet clothes (but not good for bulky things like sheets). It is discounted at 75 euros.

Other things for the kitchen
In addition to the aforementioned Joseph Joseph and Lékué in the category of companies that make things for the kitchen and home that are cheap, work well and look good, there is OXO. Among the products on sale these days are: a manual mandolin that costs 15 euros instead of 20, a salad spinner for 25 euros instead of 30 and a stainless steel squeegee for 12 euros instead of 16.

Do you want more? You can look at yesterday’s selection.


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