PS3: discovered after 10 years a hidden menu that improves PS2 games

PS3: discovered after 10 years a hidden menu that improves PS2 games
PS3: discovered after 10 years a hidden menu that improves PS2 games

Many videogame generations manage to surprise us even after several years from their commercialization. Among the most recent examples there is certainly the discovery made by an enthusiast who, replaying a title of the PlayStation 2 generation on a PS3, realized the existence of a feature that has remained secret for all these years. We are talking about an all too well hidden menu that allows you to enjoy PlayStation 2 games at a much higher quality to the original one.

The discovery was made by the user known online as ‘Stickman Sham’, whom he was playing while playing Digital Devil Saga on PS3, a spin off of the famous Shin Megami Tensei saga, he came across a hidden menu that made him discover an important possibility. This secret PlayStation 3 feature allows you to change some settings on PlayStation 2 games and consequently go to significantly improve the performance of those titles.

The method for activating this hidden menu it’s not that intuitive; if this were not the case, it would not take 10 years to find everything. The player, in fact, must press the arrow on the left of the D-pad together, and the square keys, L1 and R1 for a total duration of 10 seconds. Once released, you will be able to access the settings menu, but only after pressing the central PS button.

This menu has remained hidden for ten years, and most likely having known it before would have allowed many more enthusiasts to enjoy a improved version of their PlayStation 2 games favorites. Who knows if PS3 hides other secrets of the genre, but above all, who knows what other consoles still have several cards to show that have never been discovered by fans over the years.

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PS3 discovered years hidden menu improves PS2 games

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