the scam that empties the entire credit on the Sim

Let’s find out in detail the scam that has appeared on Whatsapp. Allows shady criminals to seize the credit present on the Sim

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Whatsapp it is always under constant attack. The note instant messaging application often targeted by hackers and malicious people who always come up with new tricks to deceive others.

In recent weeks, there have been several reports to developers from users. Here’s how the latter is spreading fraud which is draining the credit present on Sim Tim, Vodafone and WindTre of the unfortunate on duty.

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Whatsapp: how the Sim clear scam works and what to do to avoid it

The vector in this case is i fake messages, especially those related to alleged coupon codes of major clothing and technology brands. Examples in this sense are the communication of gift vouchers for the most popular brands in Italy, come i discount codes worth 250 euros from stores such as Zara, H&M, MediaWorld, Euronics, Expert.

The technique, on the other hand, is already well known and is that of phishing. Through these tarot messages to which, however, many damage credit a decidedly deleterious mechanism is triggered. By filling out the form for receiving the discount code in reality it does nothing but communicate to the hacker your personal and confidential data.

Once the information is obtained i cybercriminals the they resell to call centers and similar companies for commercial purposes. But this is only the least damaging hypothesis. If any payment services on tariff plans TIM, Vodafone e WindTre the scenario is quite different. A case that can lead to losing traffic on your own SIM with long-term effects.

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At that point it is good to see clearly and avoid reloading your own card. You risk losing even more. In any case, the modus operandi always remains the same, that is not to click for any reason i suspicious links coming up Whatsapp, not even from their contacts. They may have already been victims of the scam.


scam empties entire credit Sim

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