E3 2021, our promoted and rejected: top and (big) flops

E3 2021, our promoted and rejected: top and (big) flops
E3 2021, our promoted and rejected: top and (big) flops

In a new video, me and Marcello Paolillo we discuss our pass and fail with regard to the just concluded E3 2021.

Xbox Game Pass played a leading role at the event, which acted as the glue between all the announcements of the Microsoft conference.

The service has, as is well known, a strategic role in the gaming project of the American house, a role that has evolved further at E3.

Among the games at the center of our “ranking”, we anticipate that you will also find Halo Infinite, already the focus of a substantial preview this week.

Are you ready to discuss ours passed and rejected E3 2021? With Marcello, we have drawn up for each part a game and a publisher that convinced us more or less, and these are the results.

Team Paolo


Metroid Dread The return of the beloved Nintendo series did it the way I wanted most, or with a new 2D chapter for the Nintendo Switch: the ideal after Samus Returns for 3DS, plus it’s out in just four months

Xbox Conference – The Xbox conference leaves the best taste in the quantity (and the supposed quality) of games that were not there: providing a show of a certain level even without the big names revealed last year is not for everyone


Bandai Namco – The Japanese house’s performance was the emblem of what didn’t go with the extra E3 Microsoft and Nintendo (and why Sony was right to back down): with all the games coming out, the publisher Japanese has put together just ten minutes, and not even of gameplay, dedicated to the solo House of Ashes

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – It is appreciable that Square Enix has transferred the mentality it had so far on Switch, announcement -> demo, on 4K platforms, but the disaster of corrupt files, and the lack of appeal of art direction and of the technical side have not helped

Team Marcello


Elden Ring Marcello was delighted by the reveal of the gameplay of Elden Ring, as big and open as ever, and is excited about the prospects outside of this single chapter given by the collaboration with George RR Martin

Nintendo – The Nintendo conference has definitely convinced our Pavo, delighted by the body of the event, the presence of new Metroid and Wario Wave, as well as the icing on the cake The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2


Halo Marcello would have liked a greater focus on the campaign, after the flop of last July, and a certain release date at the end of the good performance of the multiplayer. The vagueness surrounding the project left a bad taste in his mouth

Capcom – For reasons similar to those of Bandai Namco, the publisher’s event of Resident Evil Village has aroused a certain disappointment: just Village he would have been the perfect protagonist, had he had at least some details on the first confirmed DLCs

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