NASA is building a super telescope to save us from asteroids

NASA is building a super telescope to save us from asteroids
NASA is building a super telescope to save us from asteroids

If you are afraid of an asteroid crashing into Earth, I have good news for you. If, on the other hand, you are not afraid of such an event, it is time to open your eyes and realize that NASA is spending a lot of money to protect the world from this terrible eventuality.

The US space agency has finally approved the Near-Earth Object Surveyor space telescope which will aim to detect the highest possible number of potentially dangerous asteroids for the Earth.

For astronomers, such a dangerous space rock is found within approximately 7 million kilometers and measures more than 140 meters. An asteroid like that would risk making us go like the dinosaurs, to understand.


“Every night, astronomers around the world diligently use ground-based optical telescopes to discover new NEOs (Near Earth Objects), characterize their shape and size, and confirm that they pose no threat to us,” added Kelly Fast, program manager for NASA’s NEO Observations Program.

“Those telescopes are only able to search for NEOs in the night sky. This telescope would allow observations to continue day and night, specifically targeting regions where these objects are most numerous and could pose a danger, accelerating progress towards the objective of the Congress “.

The launch of the telescope is scheduled for 2026, while in 2022 the realization of the DART project is expected, that is to hit a rocky object with a spaceship trying to move its orbit minimally. This will also be part of the plan if a nasty asteroid comes at full speed against us. And Bruce Willis is now too old to save us.

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NASA building super telescope save asteroids

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