Hisense introduces the new 120-inch Laser TV to bring the big screen to the living room too

Hisense introduces the new 120-inch Laser TV to bring the big screen to the living room too
Hisense introduces the new 120-inch Laser TV to bring the big screen to the living room too

Hisense presented some interesting innovations for home entertainment along a double path: on the one hand the expansion of the Laser TV line with two new models, on the other the updating of the OLED, ULED and QLED lines by focusing on different technologies and sizes. with the aim of capturing a diverse audience in terms of needs and availability of expenditure.

Hisense 120L5F-A12

Let’s start with Laser TV, which in this cycle of innovations represent the products capable of showing themselves more. Also for size: one of the two new products in fact a 120-inch model (120L5F-A12) designed for those who want to experience the big screen at home and who cannot find it in a normal TV. For those, however, who do not have enough space, but want a very similar user experience, there is also the new one 88-inch model (88L5VG).

Why is the name “Laser TV”? It is, well to specify, a system based on a short throw laser projector and matched precisely to a 120-inch panel. The projector is actually a TV, because it contains all the tuning, image processing, source management and HDR technologies of a TV.

Hisense 88L5VG

“Short shot” means that The projection unit can be placed approximately 35 centimeters from the screen (or from the wall: eventually you can decide to take advantage of a white wall, but the performance would be compromised and we will see why) thus offering the possibility of exploiting the system even to those who do not have pharaonic halls: just a wall large enough to accommodate the screen, 270cm wide, knowing that the projector can be easily placed near it.

The Laser TV with ALR screen: convincing blacks even in ambient light

Hisense Laser TVs come with a special screen that is not just a “tarp”. It is an ALR – Ambient Light Rejection panel which is realized through a covering of special microlenses which have the task of reflecting the light coming from a certain angle (typically from below: that is where the projector light comes from) and obstruct the reflection of light coming from other angles. In this way it is possible to obtain a sufficiently convincing black level even in a room lit during the day or with chandeliers on. If you opted for a normal wall it would not be possible to obtain a black level, unless you are operating in a dark room.

Both Laser TVs operate at 4K Ultra HD resolution and support HDR 10 and HLG technologies. Even the multimedia sector in fact homologous for the two 120 and 88 inch models: support for the VIDAA U4.0 system and the Alexa voice assistant and tivsat 4K certification. For the 120-inch model the laser projector with DLP chip can deliver a brightness of 2700 lumens, while for the 88-inch model we have 2150 lumens. For both, a duration of the light source exceeding 25 thousand hours is indicated, also thanks to lower operating temperatures compared to headlamps based on traditional technologies. Another difference for the 88-inch model is the presence of Sonic Panel technology with Dolby Atmos in the panel that allows the audio to be diffused directly from the screen (for the 120-inch model the acoustic speakers are instead placed in the projection unit). For the 88-inch model the working distance of about 20 centimeters from the projection surface.

Lastly, not least, a fundamental aspect: the installation of these Laser TVs is a service that Hisense offers included in the sale price that for the model 120L5F-A12 of 4,999 Euros, while for the model 88L5VG of 4,499 Euros. The latter, among other things, who recently arrived in the editorial office and of which we will give you our impressions and measurements as soon as possible.

The integrated soundbar in the A9G series

As for the more “traditional” solutions, Hisense presents the series for the 2021 lineup A9G, proposing OLED technology, in 55 and 65 inch sizes and 4K resolution. It focuses on a minimal aesthetic based on thin bezels and a base that integrates a 120W 2.1.2 soundbar and integrated subwoofer, with the aim of providing an “all-in” solution that can be governed with a single remote control. Among the vision technologies we note HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and a 120Hz panel managed by the Hisense Hi-View video processor. The interface in this case is VIDAA 5.0 with Alexa and Google Assistant. Prices of 1399 Euros for the 55-inch model and 1999 Euros for the 65-inch model.

Hisense U8GQ

Sizes of 55 and 65 inches also for the line ULED 4K, with the series U8GQ which stands out for a panel Quantum Dot IPS at 120Hz and 1000 nits of luminance maximum declared. Other features include Full Array Local Dimming technology, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and HLG compatibility and the 60W 2.1.2 audio system with integrated subwoofer, in addition to all the contents of VIDAA 5.0 and the lativ 4k certification. The wallet is asked for 1199 euros for the 55-inch model, which rises to 1399 euros for the older brother.

Hisense E78GQ

As for the public looking for truly 360-degree entertainment solutions, and therefore also for fans of living room gaming, Hisense proposes the series in the 2021 line E78GQ in cuts of 50 and 55 inches. Discounted the 4K resolution, this series stands out for the gaming mode, which aims to reduce input lag, and for HDMI 2.1 support (in 4K resolution at 60Hz). Quantum Dot panel with HDR 10+, HLG and Dolby Vision technologies. The prices are 599 Euros and 699 Euros for the 50-inch and 55-inch models respectively.

Hisense A7GQ

To respond, instead, to the needs of the wider public there is A7GQ series which offers a greater choice in terms of sizes available with cuts from 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. The goal here is to combine technology and budget, with an eye to the aesthetic aspect: thin frames and central pedestal for easy placement in all situations.

The remote control of the A7GQ series: the dedicated streaming keys

The technological front sees QLED 4K panel with Quantum Dot, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision compatibility, Dolby Atmos and VIDAA 5.0 interface with Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls and lativ 4k certification. For this series there is also a new remote control with quick access keys to 7 streaming services, including those of the Italian market: RaiPlay, CHILI and TIM Vision. Prices, from the smallest to the largest, di 599, 699, 799, 999 e 1399 EurO.

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